Friday, May 18, 2012

The Post-Hundreth Post Post

I screwed up.  I was supposed to compose a cutesy 100 things post (it's apparently a blogger rule), last time.  I know, I'll never make it in the blogarena now, will I?  I stupidly decided to do a heartwarming piece about the love our boys have for their Mom instead of telling you 100 things you don't want to know about me.  Bad Blogger.

I actually gave this some thought.

Even though I rely heavily on images on ihopeiwinatoaster, I've always been a word man- so here are one-hundred words I like, and why.

Deciduous- It is so tasty.  It drips like an Ohio forest after an early summer dew.
I like the word pickle- something crisp and crunchy and something you must get out of.
Coffee- It's just a cool-lookin' word.
In the middle of saying the word atmospheric you float, just for a nanosecond.  It's a scientific fact.
I am in awe of the word awe, three  lowercase letters do all that word does. 
Poop- because I am big guy with a little boy's soul.
Pooh- because stuffed bears make little boys happy.
Does it get any better than the ultimate "mash-up" word praise?  Pray and raise, perfect.
Avocado always alludes me when I see it in print.  I seem to think it is a place, every time.
I love the perfect posture of the word honor.
I think hairbrainage is a great word, if I may say so myself.
Ditto dumbf**kery.
Grace is another perfect word, somehow grateful and race, together.
Ohhh, transcendence, that's a good one.  Not this thing, but this better thing.  Cool word.
Mayberry (Yeah, place names count) It's a place and a way.  It's where we're raising our boys.
Radish is a pithy little word.
Artichoke, who'd eat that word?
I've always wanted to use the word ichthyologist in a sentence but I can never remember if it is birds or fishes.  (Nailed it.)
The word gobsmacked, well, gobsmacks you right in the forehead.
Pie, Pie, Pie... there's a song we sing every time someones says 'pie.'
Contrary puts a contrarian look on your face.
The word snowfall soothes me, and it looks like snow on bushes and trees.
Anachronistic suggests spiders but it means something scarier: I got old.
When the boys were two I understood the word toddler.  I miss those little guys.
The word loneliness is a lament, another mash-up, lost and only.
The word jubilation is an all out party.
Today- look to this day.  It is that simple.
I grew up Ohio, "it's round on the ends and high in the middle."
I have always envied the German language its straightforwardness, see zeitgeist.
Onomatopoeia slushes, sloshes and pops around in your mouth.
Sticky gets stuck on your tongue.
The word stifle is as nasty as it sounds.
Kabob or kebob is funny any way you spell it.
I can smell chrism whenever I see the word.
Actually, actually was the first polysyllabic word the boys put to everyday use.
I think a broad lexicon is as important as it sounds. 
Meander wanders around in your head for a while, doesn't it?
Faith, hope, and charity.  I secretly feel the greatest is hope.
I have sometimes been called a lunatic.  I never much minded, it sounds like fun.
I have never really understood the word righteousness; is it something we want or not?
Holy has a big-ole wide-eyed "oh" in the middle of it.  Yep.
Shallow is too deep for me.
Sometimes I get tired of the word command shoving a hand in my face.
Shortsighted seems long.
Is sober a good thing or not?
Provocative has its hand on it's hips and seems so sassy.
The truth positively drips off of the word altruism.
Peach, dripping down your chin suggestively.
Discombobulate is a mess of a word.
For some reason wed makes me want to weep happily.
Sacrifice got a bad rep somehow.  It is actually a good thing.
Let's face it, dammit gets the job done.
Beginning is slow to get started and end is so final.
The boys know how to say ethnicity, and I always say "God bless you" when they do.
The word blessed has been usurped, as in "we are so blessed to have... "  It is a meaningful word that's lost its way.
I like to capitalize Theatre. Yes.  With that spelling.
Showmanship is a braggart of a word.
Who the hell decided Wednesday was the way to spell that day of the week?
Home builds a little nest for all those round letters.
I'd have coined the word aghast, ghastly and agape at the same time.
Destinesia, n.- to reach one's destination and have no idea why you are there.  (I made that one up, but feel free to use it.)
MacGyver is a useful word.
Joy wraps arms around you every time.
Christmas because Xmas is a woefully inadequate substitute for the "Mass of  Christ."
Trippingly does not off the tongue come well.  (Not unlike that sentence.)
The word sap seems simple enough, and yet, is it life-giving or life-draining?
Addicition adds misery and hopelessness, sorrow and loneliness.  I've seen it.
Serif- because no good font should be without.
I rely heavily on Dude and cool, like two old hippie friends that you just can't ask to go away.
Vim and vigor, pals for life.
Flabbergast is a brilliant, ridiculous collection of letters.  I always see the two circles of the b's as wide open eyes flashing in astonishment.
Kangaroo always bounces through my mind.
Oddly, boomerang comes back to itself.
I love how literal disarm is.
Bazooka, bubble gum and tank exploder, 'nuff said.
Can I use a prefix?  I choose non- because you always know a word is headed for trouble when you see that before it.
Artisan caresses better than artist.
Is sloth onomatopoetic?
You can't get anything past occasionally, it's a bulldozer of a word.
Pray is a verb, you know.  So is love.
Extracurricular is full and is excruciatingly difficult to spell.
One word is a taste, a smell, and a color:  honeysuckle.
Buttress holds itself up.
Kindergarten should be just that, a kinder garden.  (I know it means children.)  Plus it looks like an ink blotter exploded.
Lilliputian is way to big, but who is willing to tell it?  Wouldn't want to hurt any feelings.
Mush is soft and round and... mushy.
Tobacco is both poetic and tragic to me, nostalgic and angering.
Encourage is a formidable word, it is also a verb.
Courage is a noun, though, I've always found that interesting.
The word metamorphosis becomes itself.
Stew is a concept, a melding.  I love that word.
Egalitarian seems like a fair and balanced word.
Mom does everything three letters can do, softly and gently.
Nick- (in alphabetical order) because it means mischievous freckles and irresistible smiles.
Zack- because it means spontaneous dancing and happy dimples.
Dad- because it now means infinite love.  And I miss mine and, someday they'll miss me.  I hope I hear it for a very long time to come.

That might be one-hundred and one, but who's counting...


  1. Pie is a big one around here. Ironically, I am the only one who eats it. Youngest is a big fan of it in the Pi sense. I, myself, am a big fan of asshat. But only within the appropriate circles, and never, EVER, as to describe my co-workers or management. :)

  2. And for what it's worth, I am on my 483 post and have yet to "celebrate" any of them. :)

  3. I've always loved the word "excitation" as in the Beach Boys ...She's givin' me the excitations !!

  4. You had me at zeitgeist. That's a big favorite of mine. I didn't do the 100 things for my 100th post, and here I am, 550 posts later. Juli sent me. I shall follow you. I hope you follow me, too. If you don't, you're gobsmacked.

    Janie Lola