Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fweels of Change

These guys are new around here, I don't recall their odd body type or fluorescent pigmentation.

Wow.  You know I've just now given this a really good look and it is freaking oddawesome.  I am not sure if those are feet or wheels, 'fweels' I guess.  They seem to have descended from cats or bears, I'd guess.  Perhaps they are mythical characters representing the prime elements of meteor, vine, dog poo, water, lightning and blood, I think.  I am not sure why Water is mooning us there front and center.  Wait, do they have tails?

They're a smug lot, aren't they?  Sadly, they eat cheery one-eyed angels.  You'd think an angel would have something more profound to say than "Ouch" when meeting his previously unforeseen end at the fweels of a invasive, Mythical band of...  WTF?

Oh, my...

Wait, maybe that's a ghost and not an angel.  Well now it all makes sense...

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