Monday, May 28, 2012

Battles Scar (or The Memorial Day Post)

I offer this epic battle scene from a war N made up:

Yeah war is hell, no matter when (the future perhaps), where ( a galaxy far, far away) who ("gunnermen") or why (I asked him and he said "'cause the skydiver guys were bad", there you have it).

It's terribly difficult to teach about war.  It is inherently illogical, unethical, wrought with pain and sadness and injustice, and yet it has been so essential and compelling in our development as humans.  I know, as the boys grow older, as their understanding of History expands, it will begin make more sense to them, although, honestly, it never really has to me.

One of the Magic Tree House books we read nightly to the boys was set during the Civil War.  As I tried to explain slavery and racism I was so very sad that I had to show the boys how very weak and unjust Mankind can be.  Nick kept asking why.

On Memorial Day perhaps that is the ultimate question, and I do not have an acceptable answer.

My thanks to the Vets around the country, especially those who are silent in their graves, torn, violently, from this earth in defense of family and freedom.

Why?  I don't know boys, I just don't know...

From Marci's Bill's "things you don't expect to hear from the backseat yard..."

(During a game involving wiffle balls, racquets and a soccer net.)  "No that's not fair, and it has to be fair." 

They may not understand the rules, but they understand that it has to be fair...


  1. Teach them early on that fair is less about being equal and more about each person getting what they need.

    It will save you a lot of head ache and "HE GOT MORE ICE CREAM MORE THAT ME!!!!" later on.

    As for wars... it's never easy. Mine are learning all about the civil war now, and the camps in WWII. Somethings are just.... un-explainable.

  2. It's not fair. Better to learn it early. It will never be fair.

    Janie Lola