Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I think Z made this, but I can't be certain:

It would make a good quilt I think.  It is actually an unfolded "fortune teller" which Z likes to make, often, a lot, all the time, constantly.  Another clue he made this.

(Yes, we are going to spend the summer working on getting the z going the right way.  Oh!  Zack is the one who does that so I am fairly positive he made this.)

I have mentioned before that everyone else's blog is better than mine, in fact, to prove the point I listed several on "The Better Bloggers" list to the bottom right of the page over there, I am not really sure why.  One of the things that these blogs and, oh, so many others, do so well is clearly illustrate what their purpose is.  I'm not so good at that.

There is a joke that goes something like:  "Did you hear about the guy from the Midwest who loved his wife so much he almost told her."  Yeah, I am a little like that.  I don't tell my wife often enough that I love her.  Or my Mom.  Or my brothers or in-laws.  I do, mind you, love them, let's make that clear.

Here's the weird thing; I tell N and Z I love them constantly.  I also use the American Sign Language sign for "I love you," which is really cool, and you might remember the Three Pats thing I do as a code.  Honestly, I think I practically assault them sometimes with it.

Here's the other thing, I truly believe love is a verb, ask anyone who knows me.  So, I show others affection by doing things for them, observing their desires, anticipating and acting upon their needs.  However, kids aren't yet as capable as adults at recognizing that gestures and actions, cooking and cleaning, coaching and cajoling, teasing and pushing, sacrificing and rewarding are all sure signs of the love we parents have for our kids so, I tell them.  A lot.

Although it has gone unstated, and perhaps that has been my mistake here, this blog is and shall remain a manifestation of my love for these boys.  In the attention I pay them, in the thoughts I write about observing them, in the school folders I carefully mine, in the stories I patiently listen to, and in the all the priceless, dear mistakes they make, love is the  divine and driving force.  They know I am paying attention to them.

I like to write and had for a long time considered a blog, but, all the ideas I had for one seemed showy and about me, or opinionated, even arrogant.  I needed something simple and real, so I looked down and there it was, "I love you, Dabby Peedles" and I understood.  The answer was there at my fingertips (or toetips as it were).

I have considered changing the introduction to my blog to sort of better explain what I do here, but I guess I just want you to figure out that on your own.  In fact, just the other day I wrote something so crappy and sappy I nearly gagged on it.

An inherent flaw, or a least difficulty, with blogs is that every new post is the only one some people may have ever seen, so if I get snarcastic (snarky and sarcastic, go ahead use it), philosophical or silly, it may be all that reader thinks I do.  They may get a sense that I am making fun of or trying to profit from my children's mistakes.  They may find me sappy or, pedestrian or simply dull.  You don't build on a blog, you just sort of try to be clever and hope beyond hope that a newbie might look a few other posts, follow the links, etc. to find out the total story.  It all sort of discredits the adage about only getting one first impression, here, it seems all I have are first impressions.

(If you were new today you would wonder what the following is about even though I have been doing it now for months.  I can't explain it every time but it must seem odd for someone new to these parts.)

From Marci's ...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...

Zack: " Did you know that basically everything is made in China?"

Honestly, he said a little too matter-of-factly for my liking...


  1. Blogs have a purpose? My only purpose in everything I do is self-aggrandizement.


    1. Janie...

      self-aggrandizement.... I don't even know what that means.


  2. First, "(snarky and sarcastic, go ahead use it" OKAY I will. Love it.

    Second... If someone wants to check out your blog they will. As did I. I hope I win a toaster is what drew me in, as hello? I am always looking for a good toaster, and my kids are always saying stuff like that.

    Sadly, because they usually win. The t-shirts shot from a cannon... yip. The $5 in the box of fruit roll ups... yip. The contest in the paper when they were 3... yip again.

    Great for them, not such a good life lesson though.

    And Marci's tales from the back seat... AWESOME. Someday, you will be so glad they are all written down.