Monday, May 14, 2012

The Post-Mother's Day Post

Gifts of candy and roses and jewelry and datenights and cupcakes and perfume do not fly through our door on Mother's day, although I always pick a thoughtful card.  For that matter gifts of grills and steak-o-the-month clubs and new tractors are not very likely on Father's Day either.

Well, N and Z are single-handedly going to change that (with the help of a particularly aggressive campaign at the elementary school to bury moms in glue and paper.).  Yeah, they brought home a grocery bag full of gifts, including some very impressive tissue paper flowers, some cards, a little booklet, lots of other stuff and these:

Some of you may not know that I have a child-to-grownup decoder-ring that I utilize when the child is not making sense. I'll need it here I think.

Nick's list is Top Ten "Why mom is grat (great)"

(I don't know what the hell those raspberrying hearts and the peace sign dudes are about.)

1.  "she loves me"
2.  "she helps me"
3.  "she reds (reads) books with me"
4.  "she helps me take showrs (showers)"
5.  "she wachis (watches) t.V wis (with) me"
6.  "she makes cupcaks (cupcakes)"
7.  "she is cind (kind)"
8.  "she is crase (crazy)"
9.  "she wars glasis (wears glasses).
10. "she helps me with home work"

Zack's is "why my mom is great"

(I thing his singular heart adornment is very sweet, and tasteful.)

1.  "she gives me hugs"
2.  "she is nice"
3.  "she go's (possessive go) to work"
4.  "she gives me kisses
5.  "she loves me"
6.  "she is the best"
7.  "she helps me with homewo... rk"
8.  "she waches (watches) tv with me"
9.  "she bas the bishies (she what? oh, does the dishes)
10.  "she bas (got it, does) the wash"

She sounds wonderful, don't you think?

Happy (day-after) Mother's Day, Marci.  You are loved.

(She really is cind and crase.)


  1. When they get a little older it gets a bit more brutally honest and warm and fuzzy.

    This years letters (at 10 and 11) are "Mom gets mad when I swear" and "Mom always supports me and never gives up on me".

    Hey, at least he didn't stand up in class and say "My mom hates when I swear even though she says way worse when she thinks I'm not listening."