Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Quirky Little Math Piece (or Move Over Einstein)

The other day I promised  this.  First we'll look at what I think is the first attempt to find the "Theory of Everything" answer using simple math:

Obviously, the answer is a definitive six-hundred-and-seventy-seven, in left-handed, mirror-math.  Notice there are seven little dots leading up to the left-handed seven up there on the right.  Interesting, I am sure it is significant.

On the flip side of this same piece of paper is another, more theoretical attempt to solve the "Theory of Everything."

Oh yeah, booya baby...  Bazinga!

Now, I am no Physicist, theoretical or otherwise, but I am sure this is the proof for which they have all been waiting.  The circled 'e' I believe is the secret to the whole mind-blowing equation, and, I also think that thing at the top, which at first looks like a "scribbleout" (a word N coined), isn't.  I believe it is a new symbol integral to the solution of the "Theory of Everything."  Circled 'e' equals everything.  Cool, huh?

Anyone who knows me, or follows this blog, knows that I keep my tongue permanently in my cheek and, conversely, I wear my heart permanently on my sleeve.  Case in point, I feel compelled to make sure that it is understood that I am not making fun of Z here, in fact there's a little more to the story.

One evening I am reading the not-sports section of the paper when Z comes up and hands me the above.

"Look Dad I did some math," he says hopefully.  "There's more on the other side."

"My!" I manage.

And he asks, and here's the kicker:  "Is it right?"

"My,"  I barely manage this time as I carefully inspect the paper, mumbling and pretending to do calculations as I scrintch up my face in deep thought, because even if I was pretending, I was in deep thought.  I didn't know what to say, how to answer his simple question.  Should I ask him more, determine what he was trying to do, correct his mirror-math, ask about the symbols, take on the significant challenge of understanding what he was trying to do?  Sometimes these little guys seem like natives in a strange land, aliens, and here everything that they know, everything that makes sense to them, falls to the wayside as they struggle to grasp the real rules and the real facts that will apply for the rest of their lives.

So I answer the only answer I can, "Yes, son, it's right, in fact it's perfect.  It seems to cover everything doesn't it?"

"Thanks, Daddy, I wasn't sure if it was right or not."

For now, it's always going to be right...

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

"Silly Omnivore!"

If I only had a nickel for every time I've heard that... I'd have five cents.

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