Thursday, December 1, 2011


I love this little guy. Could he be any happier, floating in his sea of blue?  With no sense of perspective I am not sure what he represents, is it a massive, happy sun or a pleasant paramecium?  I am not sure, but he is definitely happy.

I think the thing that always ends up impressing me the most when I come across this sort of thing is the unmitigated joy that so often pervades the drawing or whatever it might be.  I never get dark, scary monsters or spurting blood or guns or fighting, nope, I get a bunch of happy people.  This is something the psychologists will say is a good thing, there is no hidden angst, no oedipal thoughts, just good.

I guess were lucky (I could say blessed but I hate how that word has become so overused in our society today) to have two happy, healthy, smart kids, but, at what cost, I sometimes wonder?  The world isn't always nice, the people in it aren't always kind and real life is often messy.  N is often afraid of even the least scariest movies, he doesn't like the bad guys.  He once ran from the living room, ears covered, eyes squinched shut yelling:  "I only like the endings!"  meaning the happily ever after part, the wrapping up where all the bad guys are rounded up and all the feelings are sorted out and all the sweetness and light shines through as the credits roll and the music plays.

For now I'll let them hold on to that allusion, but, when, I ask, do I start reminding them that life don't always work out?

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

N:  "Look it's Tom Bergeron; and he's got a gun."

Alright, I guess that negates everything I just said.

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