Thursday, December 22, 2011

Angel Therapy

I am sad tonight, Christmas can be that way for a lot of reasons, we all know that.  Sometimes it is because we so deeply miss those who are no longer with us, sometimes it is because we wish for better presents for our kids, sometimes it is because the days are short and rainy, sometimes it is because we hurt so truly for someone else, sometimes it's all those things.

Sometimes we forget, don't we.  Well, N didn't.  One day not long ago, he came up to me and handed me this:

"Here's your Angel, Daddy," was all he said.

Isn't she great? With her golden hair and happy face, her halo on stilts (which I initially thought was a chef's hat), her pointy, simple wings and those three stars on her jersey as though she plays wide receiver for The Holy Trinity.  I immediately liked her and, I instantly felt better.  In fact I feel better now, seeing her there in all her stellar glory.

I forgot I ordered one.  I forgot I had one.  I forgot I needed one.

From Marci's '... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

Z:  "I don't think God ever ignores."
N:  "He is just shy about talking sometimes."

If you need an Angel, you can borrow one of mine, I've got two asleep upstairs...

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