Friday, December 2, 2011

Haha Backwards (or What The Cat Said)

Honestly, as God is my witness, I do not know what's going on here, and I am afraid to ask.  I usually know which of the dynamic duo is responsible for these things but not this time.

You're right, I could just ask, and normally I do, but this, this...

I can't even explain what I see.  Here is what I am pretty certain of;  that's a cat (or a reindeer) and the cat is saying "haha" (or "ahah" in a maniacal movie madman sort of way), that's a spray bottle (or hot cup of coffee) in the man's (troglodyte's) hands.  I think that we could all agree that he has a Cincinnati Reds (U.C. Bearcats) jersey on and he is clearly levitating.

His facial expression is a little more difficult to discern, is that a happy smile or do I detect a hint of a sardonic smirk there?  In a way he looks resigned to his act of seeming aggression, a sense of grim duty lines his face.

And what of the cat (reindeer)?  What is so freaking funny?  What has it gotten away with, what has it done to merit a spritz from the spray bottle (cup of steaming hot Joe)?  Will it get away, that man (troglodyte) seems to have pretty good aim?

Oh, and why do I get the sense that that this should have a big red circle and a slash, as in: DON"T DO THIS!?

Recently the boys have started showing more movement in their drawings and such.  Slowly, as they move away from the pastorals and portraits of their early years, a new epoch begins, full of action and animation, ninjas and jet planes.  I'll miss the rainbows and the golden happy suns and the clouds and the mountains and the smiles, all the smiles.  I'll miss the outstretched arms and the over-sized hands and freakishly round faces.  These are a lot harder to figure out sometimes, as the above illustrates, and sometimes they're downright freaky. 

You know, maybe you are right, really, I should ask...

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

"When you are fishing from the moon you need a really long line."

Can't argue with that.

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