Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"fansy what"

I kid around about not knowing what these things are, although I usually have a hint or a notion.  Not today:

They both say "fansy what."  Okay...  They both have a clock face, a question mark, and what is, I'm  guessing, a bulls eye.  There are three icons with which I am uneducated, although they seem eerily familiar.  One is what I would call an atomic symbol, a cartoon rendering of the "danger radiation" symbol we grew up with in the fifties and sixties (or is it a representation of the galaxy these little aliens came from?).  The second, clearly stolen from The Masons is, I'm going with my gut here, a stylized sunrise (or is it a headless spider from Zorg?).  The third, that squiggly thing, is of course the universal symbol for carbon-based life (or fuel, I always get them mixed up?).

Why!?  Why this very deliberate arbtrariness?  I am truly and wholly baffled.  I feel like there is something very important here, some thing worth while, worth knowing.  What was trying to be communicated here?

You want to know the truth?  I asked them.  "Cool," was Z's response, as though he'd never seen them before and N said:  "I think they had something to do with time."  Yeah thanks boys, now we'll never know.

I think I'll make it our new catch phrase, 'fansy what.'  Works for me.

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the back seat...'  

N:  "I think the best word in the world is love."
Z:  "Or help."
N:  "Or friend."
Z:  "Or poop."
N:  "Yes, poop is a really good word."

Yep, we are so proud...

Fansy what! 


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  1. The word "poop" has a lot of power, along with "butt".

    For instance, to make a 6 month old laugh...
    Mommy: "Alex, did you poop?"
    6 month old Alex: "hehehe"
    Mommy: "...from your butt?"
    6 Month old Alex: "LMAO"... (well the baby version of that).