Sunday, December 25, 2011

Daddy Dooby

I am trying to make this as much fun for myself as possible.  It's coming up on nine and I still didn't know what to post about.  I have ideas up to my ankles, that's not the problem, it's finding the right one for the very right moment.  This is all, it occurs to me, rather mood dependent, my mood that is.  That strikes me as more than a little selfish.  I am feeling a little melancholy and somewhat silly, perhaps whimsical, Christmas has that affect on me.  Let's try this on for size:

Yeah, the sixties called and they want their Summer of Love hippie poster design back.  It lists, in a groovy kind of way, all the family names on that inner spiral and, it does indeed say "Daddy Dooby.'  I know, I know many of you are snickering, and, it is really funny.  It's a Christmas present from Z to me.  Bet your gifts suck now that you've seen mine.  I want to think too much about it, the odd palette choice, the non-hierarchical flow chart.  And Daddy Dooby clearly keeping the whole thing together, like the kind of Hippie God I tend to favor.

Oh, and N was at the same family Christmas party, here are a couple images he laid down with his own camera:

I call the top one 'Phasartree' and the bottom one 'Wonkeytree.'

Marci recently turned me on to where the pictures the boys have taken with their own cameras ended up.  Serious fodder for this blog, which I had feared I'd shot in its metaphorical foot by giving the boys a Wii for Christmas.  Other family folks hooked us up with some great games so, soon, the games begin.  Which worries me, I am afraid they will loose their innocence, thier joie de vivre, or worse, their "raised in Mayberry" status.  How much of a Siren song will paper and tape and words and spiral suns and huggy guys have when they meet and begin to conquer the Wii?

We'll figure it out, I imagine myself making them sit at the dining room table to create.  "Create something, dammit, and make it poignant and cute and a little absurd if you could.  Hurry, hurry I've got a hungry blog to feed."  And then I'd add  "Fansy what!"

See, I knew I wasn't feeling very deep today, but I do wonder if I'll look back to this day as the 'end of innocence' if you will.  N and Z's first day in the twenty-first century, the one they will live in all their lives, the century they will own, I guess I better figure it out soon.  Next thing you know I'll get them an ipod. 

From Marci's  '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'  

Priest:  "...and Jesus said to his apostles..."  

Zack:  "Jesus had an opossum?!"

A holy boy and his opossum...

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