Friday, December 14, 2012

See Zack City!

The Zack City Chamber of Commerce invites you to visit, relax and take advantage of their unparallelled range of services and amenities:

I don't need the decoder ring here.  "Zack city is a big place.  It has a big Zoo with lots of animals, a Beach that is very sunny and a public pool and lots of people come every year.  The Library has lots of Books.  The Zoo has lots of Animals.  Santas entrance is a big help to santa.  The park is a very Big place for the kids to play.  the car store is a good place for people that need cars.  The BaseBall Dimond Is for BaseBall players to go.  Zack city is a very fun place you'll want to come back each year"

Wow!  A zoo with animals, a library with books, a pool and a beach, a car dealership, and nothing but baseball on the baseball fields.  And an entrance for Santa.  No wonder I'll want to come back.

The brochure came with a map:

With a legend:

 Look at all this stuff.  There's a crosswalk, a news studio, a park, a radio station, a dance studio, the car store (Ford, no doubt), Baseball diamonds, a freakin' museum.  Nestled in with the basketball, football and field hockey venues is a "Buter-fly court", which I think is a real nice touch.

The key for Santa's entrance is his hat; a heart for the hospital; a spraying hose rake for the garden store; the "pestraunt" (restaurant I assume, unless it's an eatery for you and your pets) sells clams and/or burgers judging from its key; and the "grosry" (grocery) sells cones of food from the looks of its key.

There is a President's office.  I am not sure if this means the president returns each year to Zack City or if there is a president of Zack City.  (I've tried but I can't make out the key for that one; a phone, a cartoon dynamite plunger thinge, a podium?)

Finally there is a the school, some towers, a house, the town square, the aforementioned Zoo (with animals!), the beach, the pool, the pet store.  A river runs through it and, if you don't like to dine with your pets, a pizza place.

Imagination.  Savor it, nurture it, encourage it.  It is how bridges are built, moons are reached, hearts are transplanted, wounds are healed.  It is the place where Literature begins and Art grows and Songs are first heard.  It is where love and righteousness bloom, where happiness and joy are safe, where dreams begin.  It is ours and ours alone, we humans, we sons and daughters of God.  It is our right, our legacy and our honor.

You show me your Zack City and I'll show you mine...


  1. These past few days have been so difficult for me- maybe overly difficult? For some reason I can't keep my mind where it should be. Normal places of comfort, are flooded with scary words and images and just ugh.

    This is exactly the kind of post I need to be reading- the good parts of being a parent that I wish we could all focus on.

    1. Amanda, as timely as my post may have been to you, your message to me was more so. I needed a reminder of what I am doing here, who I am celebrating. Thank you.