Friday, December 21, 2012

Fresh Off The Wire

I wouldn't have believed it, but both the AP and the UPI are rolling this story, Snopes even verified it.

"The day that santa got stuck  One day, the day before christmas I herd a thump santa is stuck! I went to the chimney to help santa and I got him down. But he dident have enough time to give all the presents to everyone.  So I had to help him!  I had so much fun and I got home in time for christmas.  I love Christmas."

"If santa was stuk in my cimney I wold...  First:  I wold sneak out of the hause and git a lader  Next:  I wold climb The lader and go to the cimney.  Then:  I would jump on santa.  Finly: he wold fall thro the chimny and he wold still have time to give us a presents.  I wold go back to bed and go to sleap."

Santa's a dumbass...

(That second reporter needs to get his spellcheck on.)

From Marci's "...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat... "  Facebook page:

Nick was unscrambling letters for homework and the BIG word was duckling.
Trying to help him figure it out, I did what any mom would do - I make wings and started quacking.
"Duck," he guessed.
"Yes ... and ... " I said and made myself shorter and repeated the sound (get it? small + duck = duckling).
"Quack?" he guessed.
"Not quite," I quacked.
He smiled triumphantly, "I know! Onomatopoeia!"

fail - BUT *Love that my kid knows what onomatopoeia is!*

I witnessed this and fell out...

(In less than seventy-two hours the post about my new pal Chase Kowalski shot to the top of my popular posts list.  I could not be more pleased.  Thanks to all who gave it a look.  I will be keeping in touch with him in future posts.)

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