Monday, December 17, 2012

Chase Kowalski

I got a new pen-pal today.  His name is Chase.  He chose me, really.  There was a far-too-long list of names and he was the only boy who was seven on the list.  I guess I seemed like a good match to him.

He had to go away Friday.  I am still going to write him anyway, writing to people and about them can help them never really go away.

Hey Chase,

I'll start out by saying I love you, yeah, I know, that's kinda weird for me to say that, me not knowing you and all, but...  You see, I have twins, boys, seven years old, they're in Second Grade now, and I love them a lot - they're children - I love children - so, I love you.  A lot a lot a lot and a lot of people love you, buddy.

I am not really that interesting, I am a Dad.  I help out at the school library and in the computer lab, pretty boring.

I would think that perhaps my boys will be interesting to you.  Let's see, one is named Zack, the other Nick, I told you they were in Second Grade, but they were in first last year.  I guess that's obvious.  You know what?  I use a lot of biggish words when I talk to kids, that's because I respect you, I hope you don't mind.  Anyway, they are pretty terrific kids.

 Here's a picture of each of them:

I know, they are pretty funny-lookin' kids, aren't they?  And what's up with those "I heart me shirts?"  Ha, ha, I tricked ya, that's not really them, these are really pictures they drew of themselves, you know, selfportraits.  They drew them in first grade last year, same as you.  I'll bet you draw pictures of yourself, too.

Let's see, that's Zack there at the bottom, he's a happy kid.  He dances and does kick-moves, all the time.  All. The. Time.  He's funny and creative and goofy.  I'll bet you are, too.  He was sad when he heard you had to go and he's been thinking about you.

Standing there on top of Zack's head is Nick.  He is SILLY!  You see how crazy and busy that picture looks?  That's how he is.  He really likes to read and sing and play with LEGOs.  I'll bet you do, too.

You know how I said I like to use big words with kids, well, sometimes I use big ideas with kids, too.  That's because I know kids can handle big ideas.  Well, Nick is very sad you had to go, but, he is also afraid for himself and his friends and family.  I'll bet you are, too.  It may be hard to understand, but, he misses you.

Hey, is your birthday on Halloween?  How cool is that!  This year the boys went as wizards and they made these really cool sticks, like big wands, magical wands.  My boys L-O-V-E Halloween.  I'll bet you do to.

Remember how I told you Nick was really silly.  Well, on Friday, he brought this home from school:

Seriously, he's crazy... I mean, what the heck is going on here?  There's a surfboard and a shark and trees and flowers and, and, a lawn gnome.  He's loves to draw and that sun , up near the top, he always makes his suns like that.  I like them.  I'll bet you create some wacky stuff, too.

Zack made this at school, too.  It's one of his favorite stuffed animals, Wolffy.  That's him standing next to Wolffy.  He really doesn't have white pants trimmed in blue.  Oh, and he really does have feet, really cute feet, he just always forgets about them when he draws.  I'll bet you have cute feet, all little boys do.

Do you know we have over two-hundred stuffed animals around here?  I am working on a little movie about them.  Hey, when I get it done, I'll show it to you; it's gonna be epic, little dude.

I heard you like to run.  Boys like to run, don't they?  It makes you feel so free and happy.  You know, that's how I imagine you now, free and happy, running, jumping, laughing.  Just keep doing that.

Oh, I just thought of something you might find interesting about me, I coach the boys baseball team.  I love coaching little boys about your age.  You are all so good and eager and you all try so hard.  You are my heroes on the baseball field.  Do you like baseball?  I bet you do.  Here's a couple of photos of the boys playing baseball:

I told you they were goofy looking kids.  No, I did it again, ha-ha.  They drew these pictures, too.  Our team name was The Angels.  I'll bet you're an Angel, too.

Well, buddy, I gotta take care of some errands and stuff.  I am sorry you had to go, I'm sure your family is, too.  Hey, would it be alright if I kept writing you now and again?  I'd like that.  Maybe I could introduce the boys to you and they could give me ideas about what you might like to hear about.  Cool?  It's a promise then. 

Chase, you know how I said I use big words and ideas with kids?  Well sometimes I ask big favors, too.  You see, something is broken in me and only a little boy from Connecticut can fix it, it's my heart.  Could you help it heal?  Thanks, man.

I'll be talking to you, little man.  I'll be thinking about you.  I promise to see you in every smile and swirly sunset; I'll hear you in every giggle and whisper and crack of a bat; I'll love you between every breath I take.

Much love,

Mr. Peebles, (but you can call me Coach Bill, a lot of kids do.)

P.S.  Sleep in heavenly peace, little dude, sleep in heavenly peace...