Monday, December 31, 2012

Postings Post

I am going sort of rogue today, but not really.  I like to blog here about my boys, their antics, my relationship with them, stuff like that.  Today however, I will offer this list of blogs by other "Dad Bloggers."

I can rectify rationalize bullsh*t my way to this by simply stating this:  This many men love their children enough to take the time to write about them.

And that, is very cool...

I am often underwhelmed by social media.  I like that I've caught up with old college pals and co-workers but, I am often flabbergasted by the sheer mendacity of the statuses and such.  However, a really cool dude, Oren, (that's his post at the top of the list) organized a Facebook page for Dad Bloggers and it has changed my perception of what social media can do.  I am not alone in my desire to honor and cherish my children in a public forum, and that makes me feel good.

I can't expect you to find the time to read every post however, but just look at the sheer volume here, feel the love poured out, know that the children are loved and being celebrated. 

Here is the list, in no particular order: 

Looking At My Boy - A Blogger and A Father

Dear Hypothetically Gay Son - Ask Your Dad

Why We Have Kids - DadScribe

Does Our "Elf On The Shelf" Have A Penis? - Kyle of Rather-Be-Shopping

The Upside of Timidity - Ray Colon

May Your Song Always Be Sung - ihopeiwinatoaster

Gays, Muppets, Chicken + Jesus - Designer Daddy

Saying Goodbye To "Campa" - The Real Matt Daddy

Education vs. Intimidation: Why Your Parenting Philosophy Is Not Mine - Fodder 4 Fathers

10 Phrases That Will Reduce A Parent To Tears - DadDoes

Honoring Pearl Harbor - Rob Hatton

Toys Reflect Our Story - Cute Monster

A Daddy's First Miscarriage And The Feelings That Came With It - Keith of Daddy Place

Raising Children Without A Father Of My Own - Canadian Dad

Spiderman, My Kids And The Kissing Episode - Mommy's Busy... Go Ask Daddy!

Biggest Legends Of The West In One Photograph: Fake Or Real?

On Holding Hands: A Meditation On Being A Father - Raised By My Daughter

A Sublime Parenting Moment - Luke, I Am Your Father

The Parenting Wars... Starring Legos - Daddy's In Charge?

Whose Shoes To Fill - Active Duty Dad

Lessons From America - The P Word

The Intro - Ay Yo, Be A Father

Giving  from the Heart - Dad's Roundtable

There are so many more men out there doing this and this list in no way includes all the men out there blogging about parenting.  The list is drawn only from the FB page.

I wondered how I would find a suitable topic for my year-end post...  thanks guys.


  1. Thanks for posting these, Bill. You're right about Oren. He deserves recognition for setting up the group. It's been good so far.

    1. It's funny you would be the first comment because I was wondering if you left me out of your post for any particular reason. I guess I didn't piss you off after all.

  2. Hey, thanks! The group has been great so far because people participate and make it good. So thank you, really.

  3. Hi Bill,

    I'm also "often underwhelmed by social media." It takes some effort to muddle through the nonsense to find the gems. That's one reason why I was intrigued by Oren's group.

    I looked you up in the group spreadsheet and was surprised to see that you weren't on Twitter. While there's a lot of noise on there as well, it's a good way to connect with people. Also, there are far fewer pictures of cats than on Facebook, so that's a bonus. :)

  4. It is nice to see so may Dads taking part in raising their kids... and celebrating it. Maybe THAT is how the world will change.