Friday, October 26, 2012

DKL Guest Post Post

A very kind blogger, father to Peanut, asked me to do a guest post on his famous blog Daddy Knows Less (DKL).  You can check out that post here.

His reasoning has been unclear; I do not think it is an attempt to get all my traffic over to his place (have you seen my numbers); I don't think it is because he thinks I have something important to say (it's often very silly around here); I don't think it is because he is trying to win my readers to his site (although, when they see how good his posts are, I may never see some of my peeps again); I don't think it is because he wants me to by him a beer (he lives too far away, I think...).

I pretty sure it is because he is a really nice guy.  I have never met him; we've exchanged a few remarks and e-mails; we've read each others very short bios on our respective places and I read his posts and, I think, he reads mine.  Hell, it occurs to me I don't know anything about him, really.  Except that he cherishes, respects, honors and delights in his daughter just as I do my own sons.  In my book that makes us kin.

So, if you are new around here, I often post strange drawings like this exotic Mayan girl N remembered from a dream he had:

Or this carefully rendered drawing in a book of magic Z is working on:

If you are interested in how this all got started, the very first post is Ain't It True and, if you are a true fan of blogs you could read all the posts by hitting the "newer posts" button after you read that one.

If you are interested in learning a little more about me try The Post-Hundredth Post Post, in which I list one-hundred words I like and why, and reveal a little about myself as well.

If you are interested in the awards I have had bestowed upon me (actually from DKL) go to Great Googly-Moogly!!

If you are interested in checking out my most popular posts they are listed there on the right.  If I had to offer just one of my favorites from that list it would be The Future Perfect Post, in which I imagine a older me, two mature oak trees planted once as seedlings and a couple of  great adult kids.

If I had just one post to use as an example of what I do here at ihopeiwinatoaster it might be this one, Rocket Butt Dude no"I'm Varey Icesited To Meat You"  no probably Sidekicks I can't decide, but this is definitely the one with my favorite image:  happy sock-eared, spiral-nosed, rainbow-robot dude just riding on his rocket.

If you are interested in more, cruise the titles, I like titles, and see if any of them catch your eye, if so, read on, read on.

Oh, and one other item of interest is A song for my boys on YouTube.

Many thanks to DKL, his blog is so great, funny and sensitive; I am truly honored that he is willing to share his corner of the blogarena with me.

If you are one my few regulars around here you know this is a recurring feature here:

from Marci's  ... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ...

"You are polluting my air."

That's never gonna end, I fear...


  1. I should comment more on all of the blogs I read. Apologies. I admit I'm bad at it. I subscribe to most by email, and delete as I read. Anyway... I asked you to guest post because I enjoy your writing and think those who enjoy mine might enjoy yours as well.

    I hope it works!

    1. I never reply to the comments left by others on my posts, I guess we are both out of our comfort zone. Thanks for the encouragement and support, DKL. People like you make this weird-ass blogging thing a whole lot more wonderfulfilling. (That one's for you.)

  2. You're polluting my air...

    Funny. The kids said that in the car today. Followed by much gasping and the rolling down of windows. :)