Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Kight, Evel Kight (and a Stumper)

I might as well just get this over with:

The very best part is that both of these images were on the same piece of paper; and they are both inexplicable.

I mean, and I only say this in the most loving way I can, who spells 'knight' and forgets the 'n?'  There are so many other incorrect spellings here I would accept, but, "kight?"  Wow...

I believe they are from the same table, brothers in arms, "kights" of the parabolic table.  Their weaponry is similar, as are their uniforms although "good kight" sports some chevron-like snake patches on his arms; an officer.  "Evel kight" probably does all the real fighting, the down-and-dirty stuff.  Hey, somebody has to right.  Perhaps he's a minion, Nick likes minions.

(Also, and I feel obliged to go here for the couple or three people who will get this; their holy grail is an N, because, alas, for now they cannot say Ni.)

Moving on to the stumper, what we have here is obviously twin Siamese pineapples about to,  Madonna's outfit from her, scuba gear, ancient secret society runes lost to ... I got nothing.

What is really odd is that this is all on one piece of paper.  I really don't know what to make of that.  Also, the "kights" are from N and Z drew the, well, uh... other thing.  It is very rare, in fact unprecedented, that both boys draw on the same piece of paper.   It's all rather mysterious wouldn't you say?

I am not oblivious to the fact it is Halloween, my feelings for which I may divulge in a future post, so I leave you with these scary images of some Jack-o-Lanterns.  This is "Chuk-chuk-chak-chuk-chak-chak."  He's French I think (and a bit of a fancy-pants):


This is Fred, he is not French, English perhaps?


From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

"It won't kill you ... it is not the box of doom."

Well, there ya go.  I thought it was...


  1. So what's in the box?

    I usually tell people that "we will not die in this car, but we may come close."

    Nine times out of ten, it gets me out of driving. :)

  2. What's wrong, are you blind? The good kight and the evil kight have obviously come to an agreement, and are walking away with their arms around each other, weapons set aside.
    Happy Halloween!