Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sparky the bdragon and Friends

This is Sparky:

He lives in this exclusive, gems only gated community castle:

He is friends with this dragon, whose name, as I recall, is Blast:

And this double headed nameless gorgon:

This is their cousin, Vinny:

There was a lot of discussion about this imaginary land where aerodynamically-challenged dragons fly happily, spewing gems and spiking enemies.  They made up a whole kingdom; incanted magical spells; invented back-stories and decided fates for a couple of hours.  It was intense, creative, argumentative and really, really cute.

Today, I found these all abandoned in the "maybe-want-again- (but probably won't) - bin," which I dump out frequently.

(I always wonder if I should go out of my way to mention which future nutcase, N or Z, created the nonsense I show around here.  I usually do.  But, you know, Blast looks like a rotting carp; the gorgon is, well, frankly inexplicable and not just a little grotesque; and Sparky?  He's puking gems and is hauling a pagoda on his back.  He is clearly being exploited.  And what's with this "gems kind only" crap?  We don't teach that around here.  I'm actually cool with Vinny...  So, in the interest of any future political, military or teaching careers I am going to let these go uncredited.)

From Marci's "...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat..."  FB page.

Today's lunchtime debate brought to you from our resident theologian and resident engineer ...

N: "We weren't created until God created us, so everything has to be created."

Z: "No, anyone can create anything at anytime."

*and repeat*

Moral Law -vs- Divine Law, the classic philosophical debate first addressed by the early Greeks... wait, They're SEVEN...

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