Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Post-Season Reds Post

I have been accused, by myself mostly, of posting too much about baseball.  Two of my most popular posts (determined by Blogger, and you, the readers) are baseball posts.  In "...about baseball, poetry and dreams..." I wax philosophic on the power of the dream of baseball and in Yet Another Baseball Post I tell some stories about how much baseball can teach kids, and, as always, by association, adults me.

Extending the Threadbare Metaphor is the story of a Columbus Clippers game, a Harley dude, a couple of prize baseballs and the universality of the human spirit.  Not Another Baseball Post is a couple pictures from their rookie year and "Baseball Catastrophe" is a comic strip set on the playing field.  In Baseball Test I questioned my abilities as a Little League coach and did a little soul-searching

So, I am reticent wary hesitant to do yet anoth going to do another baseball post, what the hell.

I found this in a take-home folder last week and wanted to share it with you:

I had to get an advanced spelling app for my kid-to-adult decoder ring, this is what we get:

"Nick's red's hat  I got a red's hat wen (when) i was obawt (about) three.  the reds one (won) that day.  do you think that it's magikol (magical)?  well I do. twotawzinandtwelve (2012), the reds one (won) the duvishun (division) champeon (champion)!  thay (they) are the best team ever, wahoo!   I think the day I got it I sate (sat) in the sekent (second) to last row.  It was an iksiding (exciting) {arrow leading to next page} game.  I don't know what the skor (score) was and I don't know hoo (who) thay (they) verst (versed, is that a word? as in past tense of versus) I think it was the kardinols (Cardinals).  howe (how) do you think it was out of all the hints I gave you?  you dont know?  I gave you so much hints! the reds hat is old.  It just has a red se (C) on it.

I am not really sure obawt about that last part.  I may have missed the hints, but...

Anyway, clearly a magical hat, a winning hat, a talisman, a lucky charm.  Nick also made this little Reds guy which I salvaged from the bottom of his bookbag:

I believe that a prayer from a child is most powerful; I believe the dreams of a child are the most real; I believe the hopes of a child are the most honest; and, with these on my TV set...

I believe the Reds will win the World Series because "thay (they) are the best team ever, wahoo!"

Especially now that the evil kardinols are out of it...

Go Reds, go Hopes, go Dreams, go Prayers... go innocence and childhood.

(Reds-vs-Padres 9:37 EST on TBS)


  1. And I'm thinking Daddy's "hopoes and dreams" are in there someplace too. I know Gramma's are comon go Reds

  2. Whatever works... seriously, they did better than the Red Sox this year. :) And as I type this, I have been kicked from the bedroom for fear I will jinx the Patriots... What Tony doesn't know is that he's only jinxing himself by not allowing my nap. :)

  3. There can never be too many baseball posts! (Spoken by a woman who has the Mariners logo tattooed on back.)I love that the teacher didn't correct all of the mistakes, too. There's plenty of time for that in high school!

  4. I love grade-schooler creative spelling. Big Brother sometimes neglects to use vowels. As a kid, I was at Riverfront Stadium for Tom Browning's perfect game. Go Reds!