Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Blue As The Moon Without A Sun"

You may remember I've mentioned the songs Nick and Zack have been writing before, in a post called "Memorise This Moment" and a another, Wright A Country Song.  Well, they are at it again.  In all honesty, Z does most of the hard-lifting in this duo.  He types them up and formats them, does most of the rewriting and curates them in a nice binder, along with the handwritten original.  I think N is the idea man, and you know how flaky they are.  Here is their latest:

"The sun and the moon rotate around us, Just like me with you.  When I'm not around you'll be blue as the moon without a sun."  That is a good lyric, right there.  Hell, I might steal it...

Zack came out of bed the other night, late, and asked me if he could leave a note to remind him of something.  He's done this before, and it is usually pretty cute, so I said he could:

"Create snake palace in cop world."  Clearly code.  I still have no idea...

For as long as the boys can remember, we have read books to them before bed.  We never talked baby talk, or dumbed down our words for them, either.  Consequently, I think, Nick has a very good vocabulary and a strong sense of story and Zack uses words poetically, sparingly, as a good lyricist should.  It's been a long journey from repeated readings of Seuss after Seuss after Seuss, through the entirety of The Magic Treehouse series and a wonderful trip through all of Narnia to where we are now, on the fifth book of the Harry Potter series.

Reading is important to me, to Marci, and now, important to the boys.

I am glad for that, words have served me well in my life, I hope the same for them.

Zack drew this the other day.  He continued the sun and moon imagery from the song to this wizard's fantastic outfit.  (That is a sun, not a circular zipper there on his pants.)  Wait, perhaps those are just moons for scale...

In my opinion, we live in a world where it is difficult to raise kids.  Oh, I know, it appears easy, there are endless opportunities in sports and extracurriculars.  There are marvelous movies and great games and good television and baseball games and, well... there is too much.  So, around here, we default to paper and craft-boxes, dirt and green balls, words and songs.  You know, the childhood essentials.

I hope you enjoyed coming around today.  Some new folks have been able to start visiting and I'd like to give them a special thanks today.

Oh, yeah...

From Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

"When you have maracas, you need a saxophone."
(discussing the music at Mass)

Yes, the classic duo of saxes and maracas, foundation of liturgical music...

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  1. Love that you have made reading a priority with your boys. I like those lyrics they have created.
    I actually wrote about one of my boys reading and posted some of his work earlier this week too. Funny coincidence.