Friday, April 11, 2014

10 Sentences I Wrote About This

1.  "Ninga" is actually spelled 'ninja.'

2.  When Chuck came home in Nick's backpack last week, we spent a good fifteen minutes pretending to throw ourselves through the air, as in chuck  ourselves.

3.  Chuck ties very nice bows around his waist, his ankles and his wrists.

4.  Although he looks angry, that is his "warrior face and he's actually a pretty nice guy."

5.  Chuck is so good he covers his hands and feet and is still a ninga  ninja, either that or he didn't do well in the sword portion of the training.

6.  The classwork that Nick drew this on the back of took him "like, two minutes... what else was I suppose to do?"

7.  For want of a comma, Chuck is destined to be thrown for the entirety of his ninja career.

8.  He, Nick, got all the answers right on the sequencing worksheet this is on.

9.  I secretly love that Nick is a poor speller, it lightens my heart, somehow, and makes me think about the nature and necessity of words and language.

10.  I really, really dislike the trend to make postings into lists because, in my opinion, they forgo storytelling, are easy, make clever transitional writing unnecessary and seem to me to be lazy, meaningless clickbait.

From Marci's "...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat..."

I really should start a Top Ten List of things you don't expect to say during Mass ...

 "No jazz hands during Lent."

Let's face it, it's the Fosse equivalent of a Halleluiah... 

I've been a bit serious this month, I can't really say why.  I am glad you stopped by and peeked into a book-bag with me, it was fun.


  1. Did you know that only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja? Google it.

    Oh, and add Tim Minchin to that Google search.

  2. Bill is like a word ninja. His posts whisper like wind through the tree tops and the further my footfalls land in his forrest, the closer I get to the sentiment, which inevitably drops out of those trees like a cloaked Shinobi and slays me.