Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Is Sprung

I have some random thoughts about Spring to weave into a nice tapestry of a post. I will probably end up with a ragged throw rug, but, what the heck...

Baseball season started for the boys last night. It was their first game as the Red Sox – I am a Reds fan. Little League makes for strange bedfellows. I mentioned last night, right?  Thursday, Holy Thursday, Maundy Thursday.  For at least the last four or five years, we have gone to the service - you know, the one where the priest washes feet - and we have washed feet as a family.  It is humbling and sacred and really quite touching.  We missed it this year for a baseball game, one of twenty-some.  A lackluster game that we won, but, that doesn't matter much.

I missed washing their little feet.  I missed their trepidation and giggling and wonder at the whole thing.  For a baseball game.

It is also a great time of year to go camping.  However, there is a baseball game every weekend, so it is difficult to find time to go.  The boys love camping - the fires and endless loops on their bikes and staying up late and hotdogs and chili and real, uninterrupted family time - and ask often when we are planning another trip.

That's a birdhouse in the foreground... for scale, I'd guess.

I love camping with them, it is something I am good at, something that shows them skills that can't be really shown other than at a campsite but, we won't get to go until the heat of summer is upon us.  For a baseball game.

It is truly difficult when you have twins to miss sports games, I mean we are usually a sixth of the baseball team or a fifth of a soccer team and it causes a difficulties for the coach if we can't make it.  I understand that the boys need the kind of bonding that sports teams can offer.  They love baseball, they love scoring and running and laughing and they need to know the thrill of victory and the pain of defeat.  They need bruises and sore muscles.  I understand that.

But, I need the long languishing that is camping.

I need to wash the feet of little boys.

Memories are made a million different ways.  I get that, but, I sometimes regret that we emphasize the recreational sports so much, as a family, and, in my opinion, as a society.

From Marci's  "...... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

Nick:  My coach, he can still talk and see, but a couple of years ago he got turned into a wall.

Zack:  Yes, I played for him a couple of years ago when he was first a wall.  He is a good coach.

Nick:  It was actually really convenient since, when he was a regular player, he was so good everyone called him "The Wall."

I knew nothing of this...

Thanks for stopping by again, I am glad you could.  Have a sacred Easter, remember what it is about, even if you do not celebrate.  Forgiveness, resurrection, suffering, and purity are not only Christian themes, they are universal themes that live in the collective soul of humankind.  Own them, ponder them, dance, sing, pray, give thanks, rejoice.


  1. I've never taken boys camping but we do love hiking - just did today. We've camped out in the backyard. Not sure if that counts.
    Little League starts next week for my older boy. It's his first year playing and I am coaching. I am thinking it is ripe for blogging material.

  2. Those conflicts are a big part of raising boys. It is hard to know which is more important and you can only do what you feel is best for the whole. Then hope your decision was the correct one. You will probably never know whether it was