Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"xes & hols"

Yet another baffler here:

I love that the backwards "e" is labeled with an "E."  And that's the sky there at the top and that mysterious item is the sun.  I have no idea what the thing with the "xes" and "hols" is.  The whole thing is very well labeled, it seems everything you might need to know is right there, except, of course, what the hell this is.

I am constantly amazed at how much of this stuff there is.  (I keep looking at that to see if I can figure what it is, I got nothing.)  Just as Z has tried to work on the theory of everything, I find myself considering one unifying concept of fathering.  You probably noticed that I said 'fathering' rather than 'parenting, that's because I see it as gender specific.  I suppose that makes me, in some eyes, a sexist.  I don't feel like one.

If there is one unifying concept for me I would say it was what I previously mentioned, to cherish, about which I have always felt pretty confidant.  Today it doesn't seem enough.  I need to go deeper because what I am thinking about today isn't what I give them; it is what they find within themselves.  Do I mean self-esteem?  Perhaps.  Do I mean the love of self?  Yes...  but  there's more here though, what gets all these things through to them, what makes all of this sensenical, if you will?

I think it is trust.  Some part of them has been led to believe, or inherently believes, that they can trust themselves, that their decisions matter, and what they think matters.  This trust gives them courage and that courage matures and enlightens them.  I sometimes can't imagine how odd and stressful life must be for a nearly seven- year-old; how often they must step up and do things they are not inclined to do, how often they must take a leap of trust, the trust that is within them.

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

 “Your butt is the middle of your body.  And that is good, because if it were on the top, you would have to stick your head in a toilet to poop."

Thanks for playing "Where's Your Butt?"...

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