Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life Simplified

The boys like to make pretend items out of paper.  This all started with cell phones, the flippy kind.  They have made numerous laptops (I've got a couple of prototypes I'll show you in a future post), and what I assumed were smartphones, an occasional iPad and, although they have never held one, what I think are gametoy, hand-held thingees.  N made this one:

Obviously a screencap of a game in action.  There are directionals up there near the top, the obigitory + and - signs, an okay button, you get it.   It's clearly a two-cat game and home is right there center screen.  And, if you look carefully you will see these:

Yeah, it's that simple folks.  I have been through "not git to"on my way to "git to" and it's not a pretty place.  (Interestingly, and I just noticed it as I was editing this, there is another "git to" just under "not git to."  It even seems to be on the same island.  Well ain't that profound?)

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

Z:  "I love the game Pig Launcher... it is like basketball, but with pigs."

"N:  "Oh yeah, that is a great one!"

Well... I do love all things pig.  I'm in...

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