Friday, January 6, 2012

The Little Ones

Yes, I said the little one, these are the things I find in their little ring notebooks, the three below I literally picked up off the floor and, just before I wadded them up, in the interest of this blog, I took a look at them:

I blew it up pretty big here so you could get the full affect.  I don't know what that is on the left there; a sea-faring vessel presumably designed by Jules Verne, a sailor (you can tell by his hat), what is obviously a skull and crossbones on the mast, a smiley sun and the ever present spider all sailing in to the red, winter sun, ...on a red sea.  A shark swims low in the water.  Oh, and I think that is an anachronistic Mayan fertility symbol there on top of the mast.  That's just weird.

In the middle there is The Vampire Duck of Doom (under dreidels I think).

And finally there is a round red man barfing.  He is armless as well.

In N's defense here, I think these are a couple years old now.

I often wonder what I am doing here in the ether of the web.  I suppose I'd like to think something will come of it.  I'd like to think it's helping me concentrate on shorter bursts of writing (I tend toward long fiction).  I would also like to think I am doing this because I want there to be a bit of a record of some of this stuff.  I was thinking about all that today and, out of nowhere, the thought hit me that I would do anything to have this kind of record from my own father.  Perhaps that is how I should think of this.  It's personal now.

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

"I did that very goodly."

Why yes, yes you did...

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