Monday, January 23, 2012

"I Mosle Play Rook and Roul"

Introducing... Willis!

This is part of the press packet I think:

I'll use the ring.  "Hi!  My name is Willis.  I am a part of the Mapits (Muppets).  I play the proms (drums).The shoe (show) is all was (always) a hit.  I am a Baboon.  I mosle (mostly) play rook and roul (rock and roll).  It is fun to play with a band.  And to be with the Mapits (Muppets).  Most people think I am a chimpans (chimpanzee) but I am not!  My croow (crew) think I am good at plaing (playing) the droms (drums).

I love that he's got a crew and most baboons are a little touchy about being called chimps.

I think this is the official fan photo:

N mounted it on a piece of cardboard, pretty fancy, eh?  I think it's cool how the images are very similar, even the kit is the same.  Fine rendering there, I'd say.

 So, on it goes here at 'ihopeiwinatoaster.'  I have pretty much come to the realization that I am more an archivist than a blogger, I am pretty sure blogs are supposed to be read by others and I don't know that many people are reading this.  Do I care?  Not really.

When I was a kid maybe nine or ten, I spent a lot of time learning to play guitar.  I was determined I wanted to be the guy who could sing a song and play along with it (so many people I knew were just learning leads and snippets of songs) so, I needed to practice.  And I learned that there is a certain pleasure in practicing, in working towards a goal, in getting it right.  The first time I got through 'The Times They Are A'changing' without botching it I was alone in a basement.

Right now, I am alone in a basement.  Still practicing, still trying to get it right.  I didn't mind forty years ago and I really don't mind now.  I figure I'll know what I am doing by the time this reaches an audience, like say when the boys are fifty and I am long gone.

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

"Dad is Zack's cough courageous?"

"No, Nick, it is not contagious."

Around here you get points for just trying new words...

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