Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Real Donut Boy

I really do shy away from controversy.  I don't post about religion except in a vague Hippie-God sort of way; I don't talk about politics except that I think we should respect each other and some seem to do that better than others; I loathe talk of sex, not because of its tawdriness or unsavoriness, it's just that it is private and should be, at its core, sacred - oh and it's way too easy to talk about it and write about it, it seems pedestrian in my opinion.

Also, there are all the popular daddy blogger subjects I try to avoid, not because they aren't important, valid topics it's just that I, well... I don't find writing about how the media portrays men in advertising, or how dads aren't respected as parents, or the awkwardness of play-dates and navigating PTAs and school volunteering and the like, I don't find (which is where this sentence started, a while back now) writing about what bothers me really serves my boys sometime in the future, or frankly, you now.  Do you know what I mean?

I do rant, although you might remember I now have a widget that warns me when I get preachy, and I do have opinions and I do get my feelings hurt and, I'll probably continue to tell you about some of that.  But today, today I am going here...


A lot of folks are confused about a new guy, Donut Boy.  Here's what I could find out:

This is his actual file from the World Federation of Superheroes' Registrar's Office.

It's in code, I'll need the ring:

Abaut (about) Donut Boy:

1. Sidkik (sidekick) is a pes of collaflower (piece of cauliflower).

2.  archenamy  (Archenemy)is a can of soday (soda).

3.   Frend (Friend) is a sintest (scientest) that made franken-stin (Frankenstein).

4.  (There is, suspiciously, no 4.  Or was there and this file has been censored?)

Down below there, below that sinister image of Donut Boy and the soda-can-arch-villain-who-goes-unnamed, is a list of the "charichrs" (the decoder ring nearly blew a circuit on this one, characters it turns out):  Donut boy, soda bom,  frind Bod (friend Bob) sidkik (sidekick), sintest (scientist), oh, and above Bob there is a picture of the "frankinstin sintest made" in case you weren't clear on that.

The profile is sadly vague isn't it?  We can only guess at Donut Boy's powers.  Will we ever learn how Donut boy met Bob his cauliflower sidekick, whose image is clearly a piece of broccoli, an alias or secret identity?  Was there a radioactive incident in the grocery store?  Does that explain why the soda can is shaped more like a bottle of syrup than a can?  Is 'soda bom' possibly the villains name?  Why is his scientist friend so happy?  The monster is happy, too.  And clearly dead.

As you all know I find this sort of thing very amusing.  I also find it very inspiring.  Seeing creativity is always very inspiring to me.  But sometimes, well, I gotta laugh... for instance "charichrs."  Honestly, I can't think of a way to misspell that any worse than Nick did.  It's like he sensed there was a 'ch' in it somehow but, yeah, he missed it.  I love "sintest" too.  I mean he didn't even try on that one.

Just one more thing.  While Nick was telling me a little more about Donut Boy, Zack was working on this:

I defy you to tell me WHATTHEHELL this is.  Is it a bird, a skunk, a squirrel, an alien, a chipmunk?  Is it a Masonic symbol of which I am not familiar?  Is it floating on air, in water, underwater?  Is it even of this realm?  It's really creeping me out...

"What's that, Zack?"

Oh, it's a badger in his nest.  Well, there ya go.  It's still creepy.  I did not know that badgers nested in trees, that's even creepier.

from Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

"I think Santa should come every 6 months. That would be fair."

*Excuse me, fair for who?!?*

In all fairness, fair is relative...

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  1. So much fun to go back and look at the old ones. I do like the almost phonetic spelling. It is too bad we have to have correct spelling but i do feel it necessary.