Friday, March 8, 2013

"Big Boy" and Fireboy (or Milestones)

The other day, Tuesday I think it was, I posted about Donut Boy and a badger.  I actually had some more about superheroes that I didn't have time to get to.  ( which I didn't have time to get; what an awful sentence.)

The boys had a "Cape Day," which had nothing to do with windswept beaches or South Africa, at school the other day.  Their capes were at the cleaners, so they had to wear pillowcases, star pillowcases to be precise.  We clamped them on with those paper clippy thingys, what are those called, the kind that sort of fold open, clip and then close?  Note to any new parent, "safty" pins are anything but.  They had a fun day and brought home these jewels:

They designed their own superheroes.  Zack's says:  This is a picture of me.  I am a super Hero! I have saved many People.  My power are to throw fire and run very fastAnd I can also walk throught (I have made that same misspelling of through) fireonce a villien trided (tried) to throw me into            a     bonfire I could just walk thew (through)  it  This is a house I made it is made of many things and I built it myself.

Here's a nice detail of him as, what shall we call him, 'Fireboy'.  That's a sweet flaming cape there; he's got a weapon, a fire-shooter of some sort, no doubt; and a really tricked out car, with a rocket assist and a a cool paint job.  It's unfortunate that his super hero ride is a SmartCar, but, even super hero budgets get a little thin these days.

Now here's Nick's.  There is a lot of information here so try to keep up...  My superheros name is Big Boy. He has the power... well look at the pichir (picture) and youl see his power.  (I had to ask, it's his unnaturally large fists.)  He lives in a 10 room apartment-bilding! he is fiting (fighting) somwon (someone) that has lazor-vishun (not the guy from 'Fiddler,' laser-vision) and chans (chains) with spiky-balls.he is fitinen (fighting, again, misspelled differently) for the rar (rare) cind (kind) on dragon that she has capshrd (captured).

I must share some details from this on as well:

I really gotta say it, those tights are little, well, too...  That is a nasty-lookin' villain but that rare dragon is sure worth saving, although we might need Fireboy to handle it, with the fire-spewing and all.  And, I just gotta say it; Zack's flaming SmartCar's got nothing on Nick's bubble-encased, multi-controllered, radar enhanced "flying Vehikle."  I just don't see how he can handle it with those freakishly overgrown hands.

So, that's what I didn't get to last time.  However, there is one more thing, if you've got a second.  There's always one more thing, isn't there?

Believe it or not, this is my two-hundredth post.  It's been about fifteen months and I have dropped a conservative estimate of a quarter-million words here on the innerwebs, I hope permanently, but, I'm not really sure about that.


I considered leading with that, telling you all about my accomplishment, celebrate it.  That's what you do when you reach them, right?


I reached a milestone I thought I'd never...


Nope, it just doesn't feel right.  I hate when sports figures celebrate a TD or a basket; that's probably why I am a baseball man.  I get tired of dads who want to be lauded for parenting and moms who seem to think they deserve a glass of whine (intentional) for picking the kids up from pre-school.  It seems to me like they are celebrating what they are supposed to be doing; you remember, your job, your purpose, whichever.  It seems like that would get a little old and hollow after a while, celebrating the things we are supposed to do.

So, I am not going to use exclamation points today, or bells and whistles.  I'll avoid self-congratulatory adjectives like pleased and humbled and surprised.  I should thank people like my wife and my relatives and the few friends who look in on us here now and again, but I won't.


Here's the thing (when I say that to my boys they know I am being serious, on the level), I set out to do something and I did it.  However, I did not know how much I would learn from this.  I set out to be entertaining and a little silly, snarky, cute, but, I quickly learned that, as I examined our life here, really looked at the stuff they create, looked into their hearts and souls, truly looked into my own, I was the one who gained something. Something remarkably important and, sadly, rare - insight.


I just realized I did sort of celebrate my one-hundredth post with a wordle of a hundred words I like and, and, uh, huh, well actually it has been one of my most popular posts... oh, bother.  I am still not gonna lead with it.

Because, one of the things I learned from doing this is that I am not doing it for me.  I guess you may not believe that.  I am sure I am not sure, but, understanding motives is a tricky hill of gravel, if you know what I mean.

The pretext here, the device I am using to reach across time and space is this blog.  I keep my readership in mind, I try to be interesting, amusing at times, but, honestly, I have a strong sense, a supernatural sense, a sacred sense, that this is not for me, not for you.  Perhaps it is not even for my sons.

Simply, I sense that I am supposed to be doing this.  That's why I don't feel like celebrating.

As I consider the next milestone, or milestones, I wonder what direction I will take.  Twice before I have been tempted to close up shop, as I am today.  Both times I decided to move ahead.

But, I still worry about, feel guilty about the time I spend here.  Maybe that's a part of the whole thing.  Looking - seeking even - outward has led me to an inward journey.  Perhaps the inverse is true and looking - hoping even - inward will lead me to places unknown, surprises and joys undreamed, hopes not yet imagined.

Looks like I'll be around for a while.

Thanks for stopping by, oh and one more thing...



  1. I think the Moms who "deserve" that glass of "whine" are more celebrating that they survived another day of motherhood... of doing their job.

    But what do I know, I'm not one who celebrates with wine. Consistent blogging is a thing to celebrate. But honestly I have no idea how many posts I've written... I write to document the milestones that matter to ME... and sometimes just to document that I actually made dinner. Because on days like today, that in itself is a milestone.

    Take care!

  2. Congratulations, Bill, it seems you have done what you set out to do. I hope these words are enjoyed at a later date by "The Guys"