Monday, September 17, 2012

"Niddi and Zat"

This came from school.  You make a sentence, apparently a long sentence, or several sentences, from the word provided:

"My brother broke my ball(s) I am sad.  Zack brak's (breaks) a lot of stuff.  On the Wii in Skilandrys (Skylanders).  Zack broke my wining (winning) strek (streak).  I (arbitrary, I think).  Wans (Once) on new Super Mareo (Mario) brathers (brothers) I wans (once) broke his wining (winning) strek (streak)!"  Smiley face.

Of course, when I first looked at this all I saw was the front.  I laughed out loud at "my brother broke my ball(s)."  (I still can't tell if there is an 's' there or not.)  What are we from New Jersey?

Once when the boys were younger, maybe in their twos, we were at Costco and a man approached us wanting to give the boys some stickers.  He asked the boys their names and Z said:

"That's Niddi, and I'm Zat."

He carefully pronounced the names back:  "Niddi and Zat.  Well those are sure interesting names."

I didn't correct him.  I thought it was funny he thought those were their real names.

I find it is nice to remember the events of the past by taking pictures and posting the images of the things they make here, but one thing is lost.  Although there are a few videos of the boys, they are mostly short and have little meaningful conversations in them.  That's what is lost, the sound of their voices.

The other night I would have loved to have a recorder going when the following scene came about.

The scene:  Bunkbeds.
The time:  Way past bedtime.
The action:  Searching in vain for a "Twin's pillow."

N:  I just had it, Daddy."
Dad:  I know I saw it when you went to bed.
Z:  Oopsy daisy, I had it all along up here.
D.  You can stop looking, Nick.  Your chucklehead brother had it all along.
N:  Oh, Brother...  get it, brother, oh brother, like oh brother but he's my brother.
Z:  I get it.  That's funny.  Oh, brother.

They kept saying it and kept laughing about it.

I couldn't help myself, I kept laughing at them laughing.

I'd pay good money to have that laugh track on tape.  Maybe that's something I need to figure out, a way to get their voices recorded so I can always remember how they sounded.  Remember the joy in their laughter, the quiver in their fears, the tear in their pain, the twinkle in their jokes.

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

Mom:  The cat is playing the the toilet water again... boys, you really need to keep the lid down.
Z:  Maybe she wants to be baptized.

I would have to say that baptizing a cat would probably not end well...


  1. What does the teacher think about the breaking of balls? I hope he/she understands the meaning in twin talk.


  2. Thanks again for the Liebster, Bill. I'm enjoying your blog, and still laughing about this post in particular. Cheers, Busy-Dad-E