Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Am Thankful

I love the piles of stuff that come home from First Grade.  This is the first page of the "I am Thankful" booklets they made two days before Thanksgiving.  That's N on the left, "Kity" is his stuffed kitten with whom he's been sleeping since he was about one and a half, clearly a house, food, and what appears to be a half-full glass.  Z there, on the right is thankful for his real kitten, Bailey, his house and food.

I guess at this age they are thankful for what makes them happy.  Am I?  I always go to things like 'good health' and 'family' forgetting the other things like my guitar and my truck and a cold beer and meat and so on.  So tonight I am good, what are you thankful for?

Here's the second page. N says: "house.  I am thankful for my house decos (because) it ceqs (keeps) us worm (warm).  Z says: "my cat Bailey, me."

"Me"  I hadn't thought of that.  I am thankful for me, and I am a little embarrassed I had to be reminded of that.

The whole  ten page booklet is full of all the simple things we should all be thankful for: "ice cream, my hat, playing, birds, fruit, bunnies and butterflies, monstrkrucks (sic), trees and flowers and, of course, bugs by the garden."  I wish I could be that specific, that on target, that plainly, simply, poetically, profoundly thankful.

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