Sunday, November 27, 2011


You know where I am going with this, right? 

As I previously mentioned 'hairbrainage' is defined as  'the results of misguided or flawed thinking which are inexplicable  to those uninvolved in their making. (see bower bird).'  'Dumbf**kery' takes that one step further by introducing the element of imminent physical harm.  This video shows it at it's best, we were "chunkin' punkins'" in the back yard using a giant slingshot strapped between the two maples in my backyard.

Yeah, the ways we all could have been hurt are innumerable.  I also wanted to show that my boys come by it naturally, all boys do.  There is something inherently thrilling about being a part of something that could quickly turn wrong, and children, especially boys, are always waiting for the explosion, or the slip-up, or the accident.  It is their way of learning that life is not perfect, dads aren't perfect, plans aren't perfect.

Dumbf**kery is standing on the roof of your playset for the first time, climbing a ladder as your dad spots you, hoping he'll catch you if you slip (and you're two and a half).  It can be as simple as trying to stand on a soccer ball or as complex as spinning in a hanging hammock, swinging a stick, chanting "boradoraboradora" as your brother ducks each time the stick comes around.

Perhaps it is this type of asinine behavior that steels us for the long journey of calculated risks we must all take as we navigate our way through this thing called life.  Those small early risks get more complicated and exponentially more dangerous, and, increasingly, the danger is to our souls and not just our bodies.  Hearts will be broken, dreams will be shattered, minds will explode and there is nothing we can do about it, but, somehow the risks seem worth the taking.

On the other hand, maybe it's just fun to do stupid stuff.

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