Friday, December 19, 2014

Non-Holiday Post or "Thinking's Complicated"

This is not a holiday post.

I mentioned that in the title, but I'll reiterate it.  "Reiterate it," say that outloud, it's fun.

I've been lacking in fun.  My mood has been dour.

Sometimes I think the floors in our home are on some sort of shifting tectonic plates that occasionally force out a forgotten toy or a past due book or a ping-pong ball or a bewildering comic book produced a couple years back by Nick.

I'll try to subtitle it as best I can.  Any elves referenced are not of the North Pole variety... it's all pretty weird:

Yes, I believe our hero is skateboarding into the swirley-sun, uh, sunset there.  I have seen a lot of odd things here in the past three years... that "sumo - wresler" is one of them.  I've no idea how he fits into the storyline...

I would venture to guess I've poked fun at Nick's misspellings scores of times around here.  I probably shouldn't've... but, I did.  And, I'd do it again.  It's funny.  It's also smart.  And interestingClever.  Cute.

This is his most recent spelling test:

He got a 95%.  But look closely at the one he got wrong at the top:

He said he second guessed himself and erased the 't' that he'd originally printed.  I'm gonna give it to him.

He kinda screwed up on the sentence he was to construct. He misspelled went with "whent" which is funny, and a mistake any of us might make.

Z did a great job on his spelling test as well:

That's solid "4" work if I've ever seen it.  Now mind you, they don't get letter grades yet but, well... 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the only numbers you can get.  I think you can take it from here.

I've arrived at the point I've been trying to make and I don't like it.  Here it is: This stuff is going away.  I hate to say that, but I know it is true.  What is truer is the fact that I have to let it go.  Over and over again I vow to not make the boys vulnerable with all of this.  Truth is, I still think I haven't.  The very foundation of all of this is love and honor, never forget that...

An era, to speak in the pedestrian, is coming to a close.  I'll milk it a bit more.  I'll poke a bit more fun another time or two.  And then...

One day Nick was sitting on the couch spinning a rubber band with two hands - you know, that thing where you sort of palm the band with both hands and orbit each hand with the other, well, you've done it -  and staring off into space.  I asked him what was up.

"Oh, just thinkin'..." he said.


"Well, it's hard to explain," he said and paused, and then:

"Thinking's complicated."

Yes, thinking is complicated and I know you know that.  See, everything is complicated... until it isn't anymore.

I answered my own question about how I should keep going around here just a few sentences ago.  The very foundation of all of this is love and honor, never forget that...

I won't.

It's funny, just as I was saying that an era may be closing, I went to look for more of Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear form the backseat..." and there are fewer and fewer of those these days.

Well, change happens doesn't it.  Dammit...

Before I say "so long" today I'd like to thank John over at Ask Your Dad Blog.  He takes time to answer my stupid questions sometimes, and he helps with my my template and stuff.  I don't think he knows how much I appreciate his help.  Well, he showed me how to do a better search and, with his help, was able to determine that I have mentioned spellings and misspellings over ninety times around her.  That's great.

20 Somewhat Horrible Things I Do to My Kids That I in No Way Feel Guilty About - See more at:
20 Somewhat Horrible Things I Do to My Kids That I in No Way Feel Guilty About - See more at:
20 Somewhat Horrible Things I Do to My Kids That I in No Way Feel Guilty About - See more at:

Oh... So long.


  1. So long? And by "era" do you mean the kinds of things you write about, or writing at all?

    Darn you Bill Peebles and your cryptic charm! :)

    And I gotta say I'm jealous of all the drawings your boys do. I think I may have drawn one too many thing for my boy, and spoiled him a bit.

    1. Just "so long" for today, DD. I didn't intend to be cryptic, I only know there are fewer and fewer things I can use from the boys, you know, for fodder. If N starts spelling right I've lost half my schtick. Thanks for taking a look today. More to come. I promise...

    2. Good. I think any of us who write about our kids struggle with this. I've still got a few years — I think. How old are yours again?