Friday, October 24, 2014

Post-Postage, A Follow-Up

A couple of days ago, in the post just below this one - a curiously popular one, I might add -  I wrote this sentence:  "So, as I teased Nick for beautifully, diligently, perfectly misspelling so many words, and marveled at Zack's profound non sequiturs, I began to see this stuff within the story being told."

Yeah, it made more sense when I wrote it...

So, last night Nick came out after they'd gone to bed and quickly scribbled a note.  Not to be outdone, Zack soon followed and wrote his own, a little more carefully.  Both notes, which I did not read at the time, ended up on the couch in the guest room where they have their morning meet-up most days.

Here is Nick's:

It seems to say Make more vidos (videos) on New app we got yesturday (yesterday).  That is indeed the proper way to misspell yesterday.

Zack made this:

Old person

Now, that is how you drop an absurdity.

Well, that's all really, I just thought it was funny that I'd just said those things and then they make these little notes and... wait, what's the last part of that sentence up there?  "... I began to see this stuff within the story being told."

Right, well... I haven't exactly done that have I?  Honestly, I think I could piece together most of this story - it has to do with a movie-making feature in a drawing app they recently acquired - but to tell you the whole story here would involve a dozen or more subplots, six images and three scans, several side-bars, a few flashbacks and an aside or two.  I ain't got time for that today...

So, how to reconcile my self to the fact that some stories have to wait, or aren't ready yet, or haven't yet decided what they want to teach?  You know, I must witness a hundred stories each day - some in the middle, some just starting, some ending - and the vast majority of those go untold, but, but...  I still heard them.

You know what?  I just learned to play a song I heard recently.  It is by Slaid Cleeves and it is called "Quick as Dreams" and you can hear it here, the words are here, and it is a very good story.  I heard it once and knew I had to learn it, to retell it.  Some stories are like that.

Some stories have to wait.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by again.  Give that tune a listen if you feel so inclined.  Oh, and be sure you are listening to the stories echoing all around you.  Peace.

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