Wednesday, October 8, 2014 really only barely happened...

I know I said I was trying to get away from all this, but...

This came home in the beloved take-home folder:

To recap:  A shout out to Mom, an honest assessment of self, a very appropriate farting sentence, and a misspelled word to bring it all together.

It is from a test at school and we all understand that I should not be showing it here... get over it.  (I was sayin' that to me mostly.)

He got a ninety on the test.  He made up a word and then misspelled it on the other side:

"desinagrate"  Well, Nick, it sure as damn hell looks like a word to me, too.

Why would I put this on this memoir I am crafting?  You might ask, or not... and you probably wouldn't use the word "crafting," in fact, I doubt you are even wondering.  I guess I am more than anyone.  The truth is I do find it amusing - with just a hint of silly and a whisper of the absurd - but, more than that, I find these little bits of these boys so revealing.  I know this boy, in a way I was this boy, am this boy.  I was, and then I forgot.  And, if you forget what was then, it really only barely happened, didn't it?

I want boys to remember being boys, and, I want to remember it as well, my boyhood, I mean - and them theirs...  and you, yours.

I am sorry if it all seems a bit confused.  You see, it is...  I'm not sure whose childhood is whose.  Thanks for coming around again, I am glad you did, and I hope you are , too.


  1. I look forward so much to my daughter's guileless writings. These are great.

  2. you have interesting insights into things. They really make me think. If I wrote as well, I'd probably write more often. ;)

  3. A lovely sentence at the end. Full of punch and life. Even if you feel like you may have forgotten this are still him.

  4. I like the way the sentence came together. It and the paragraph (and the one after) are very much my you or at least my impressions of you. Your appreciation for everything about your kids is inspiring.