Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No Time For Now

It is Summer here, school's out, pool's in... and, once again, I feel like I don't have much time to get anything written.  I could post some nonsense, but, I like to give what I write a little more time than...


Nonsense.  I can do that.

Nick and Zack had a Economics unit at the end of the year at school.  It culminated with an "Entrepreneurial Fair" held in the cafeteria.  It was a hoot.

Zack made "chatties," a paper fortune teller (see below, from a post called "The Paper Arts") with eyes drawn on it and a mouth that, well, chats.  He teamed up with a couple of his mates, one of whom brought in cookies made by his mother and the other little dude made paper airplanes.  They stood amidst the chaos and barked and cajoled and basically just had a good time carrying on.  Zack put some (read, not much) time and effort into it, and, well, he had a good time.

Nick, on the other hand, took it all quite seriously.  He made "Yarnballs."  Actually, he and his mother made them, lots of them.  Here's what they look like:

He had about forty for the sale and he sold out.  He made twenty dollars for the cancer charity they were donating to, and, well, he learned a lot as well.

And, as always, I learned a lot about him as well.  You see, as his brother barked and yelled and kidded and pretty much made a nuisance - in a nice way - of himself, Nick sat quietly behind his display of shoeboxes and soft-sold the hell out of his product.  Many, many, many girls oohed and awed at them and, by the end of the day, besides selling out, he had about a dozen more special orders to make for many of them in the coming days.

Yeah, that's my boy.  I wonder if his advertising campaign helped?

 "Have you ever wanted to throw a ball in the house, now you can with YARNBALLS  50¢"

That's just good copy right there.

From Marci's "...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat..."

 "I am from Crazy Town. I am the President."

I used to be...

I am glad you could stop by for a little nonsense, sometimes I forget that silly and simple and easy is just fine.  Good enough is still good.


  1. Thanks for sharing this nonsense! I love watching my kids personalities slip to the surface. It's only when I step back and watch it though that I really can enjoy what makes them unique. Too often I get caught up in the schedule and the "next thing" that I forget to catch what silly and simple things they are doing now.

  2. Damn. I thought I was the president of Crazy Town.

  3. Economics lesson for kids - never to early to Learn. That's great that they donated money to charity. Beautiful!

  4. Awesome. Loved it.