Wednesday, April 10, 2013


... and then he kind of pivoted around on the swing and face-planted right in the mud.  Man that was funny.

Yeah, but it's not really what we do around here.  It seems a little mean, if we only had a picture of it, well, then, maybe ...

Alright then, how about scanning those two paper standup crosses they made and decorated on Easter Sunday, those are sweet and genuine.  Oh, and we could tie that in with the preparations for First Communion coming up, that's important.

Well, I dunno, that seems to drip with religiosity and we've avoided that so far.

Oh, come off of it, we talk about God and prayer and all that spiritual crap all the time.  Why's this any different?

I know that.  I feel like that's where should keep it, in the realm of "spritual crap," as you so elegantly put it.  What else ya got?

Gay Marriage ...

Nope.  I think we should stay away from that one.  Anyone who knows me, knows my position on that.  I went to Theater School for crissakes...

So, we aren't coaching this year, how do you feel about that?  Maybe, how it tugs on your heart a little to not be the coach, the hero?  How you won't hear one of them say "my dad is the coach" with that little hint of pride in their voice?  How you see the space between your heart and theirs widen as you stand farther away in the crowd, and not on the sideline with a clipboard in your hand? 

Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah ... haven't we been all through the coaching thing by now?  There have already been way too many posts about that.  Anyway, I don't know what image we'd have for that.  We must always use an image.  You know, I have always thought that a bit odd about this blog.  I mean I'm a writer right, I wrote a hopeless novel, endless pitiful poems, several songs; I mean, I've always relied on words, right?  I wonder who decided we should always have an image.

You did.  And you do it because you don't feel like your writing is strong enough to stand alone.  

Dude, come on, gimme a break...

I know, how about writing on your family and love and devotion and all that shit from a grownup perspective and compare it to how they boys perceive it?  Oh, oh... and you could use photos of you as a boy and photos of the boys at similar times and places.

My God, man, we are Midwesterners, we don't talk about that kind of stuff.

How about some more SAHD posts, we don't go there very often.  You could talk about being older and having young sons; about how disalienated you feel as a dad in a mom's world; about how you wonder what sort of impact being an at-home-dad has had on the boys; about feelings and stuff like that.

Oh shut up!  Anyway, every time I talk about that I get all riled up and I start to rant and...

... don't want to get Popoed, now do we?

Right.  Are then any, like, any good ideas around here?

I got it, how about starting that series we were thinking about.  You remember, the one where you take all the chapter headings in Kahlil Gibran's The Prohet and comment on them.  Remember?  On Love and On Marriage, On Children, On Giving, On Eating and Drinking ...

Yes, I know the headings in The Prophet.

... On Work, On Joy and Sorrow, On Houses, On Clothes, On Buying and Selling.

I get it. 

On Crime and Punishment, On Self-Knowledge, On Beauty, On Prayer - these are great topics dude, this'll work.  We could include an image of, or by, even, the boys that illustrates your brilliant copy perfectly.  You could try that more poetic voice you have been considering...

Please don't call it "copy."  It is tempting.  So literary and smart, timeless and retro; clever even.  Very ambitious.  We'd need to find the book and begin to match images up with the titles, and, what maybe fifteen hundred or so words for each one.  Yeah, this is great...  Seems like a lot of work, though.

Yeah, and no one would know what we were talking about.  I thought we were on to something there.

Yeah, what else?

Hey, how 'bout something from their school backpacks, something cute and sweet that we could lovingly tease about with our tongue in our cheek and a tear in our eye?

Oh man, that is a great idea.

I know - that blueprint thing that Zack did, and that adorable misspelled zoo thing Nick did.


Zack did this at school during the dreaded "inside recess":

 I know think imagine can only guess at what this all is and, my guess is that it is a space ship, sort of a space-lab kind of thing

I am pretty sure this is how it looks at lift-off, pretty cool technology at work there, what with the tubes and rockets and such

I think this is a detail of the landing gear, but I don't think this thing lands so, I am probably wrong.  It's important because it was on the the back of that first one.  On blue paper.

This seems to be a plan for the bathroom module, it's not clear to me if it is deployed later or how that all works.

This one is sort of a stumper, in hindsight it may not be part of the space thingee, but, an actual plan for a duplex with a shared rooftop play room accessed by a really cool outdoor, whole-house, elevator system.  That's tight...

Here is a map of a zoo N made at school:

Don't mind me, take a look around.  First you'll have to find the entrance:

There are a lot of animals and such:



Poler bears



Chetas and bettls


flying Squrrls
Lions, snakes, kangroos and bunnys

There is also, get this, a Lodge:

I had planned on translating the brochure for you, but, I have worn out my kid-to-adult decoder ring on this already.  And yes, 'lions' and 'snakes' are the only two he got right... oh, and he nailed 'bear.'

I was going to spare you but I changed my mind.  I just can't resist this stuff.  (Are there support groups for the spelling challenged.)


A robot zoo!  Who knew?

You know, there might be a future for him in copywriting, what with the "skittering" and "slithering."  He'll need a good editor though.  And a researcher.  Maybe he should just be a blogger...

Bazinga, I like that ending.

No, it's too cutesy.  And the whole thing is to damned long.  I'll have to make it shorter.  Maybe it should really be two posts, break the zoo thing out and expand the brainstorming session part and...

Dude, you don't need to, it's a blog, nobody, uh, really cares...

Yeah, your right.  What was that one, about the muddy faceplant?

Oh, right.   Maybe we could get a picture if we staged it, like on a rainy day and...

Shut.  Up.

Thanks for stopping by our all-staff meeting.  Nothing ever comes of these...

You forgot the 'backseat' thingee.

No, no, I did not, this is already too long and I don't think Marci posted anything new.

Just use something you heard them say, it's a blog, who'll know?

Just shut up...


  1. Dude. I care. This post is genius! My inside voices don't get that much press. Another honestly written post that is all Bill. Nice work my friend!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. My inside voices probably should just shut up. No you shut up! No you...

    See what you started. I'm very glad you could come around, we all are...

  3. I think your inside voices and my inside voices are long-lost cousins or something. I don't invite mine over anymore, but they must still have a key because they always seem to show up. Bastards.

    Great post. Thanks for making me late for work this morning reading it.

    1. I told you it was too long, due..

      No, it wasn't too long.

      But Barmy said it made him late, that's TOO long if you are making people late and stuff...

      It's cool. Be cool. I think he liked it

      *sigh* Thanks for stopping by, Barmy.

  4. I really enjoyed this. I don't comment enough on blogs. I really like your idea about "The Prophet" headings. Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks for wandering over and leaving a note on the door, John. Your McDs piece made me pee my pants...