Monday, February 13, 2012


Marci got this on the camera maybe two years ago.  I don't know when we "big guys" stop dancing like "little guys."  It's a shame we ever have to.  They make up their own moves (surely you don't think I dance that well), it's as though moving to music is in their very genes, which I happen to think is true.  They look so happy, joyful and free.

I've been thinking a lot about that:  Happy, as in "Hey, I'm alive,"  Joyful, as in "I'm happy and I will show you," and Free, as in "I have no restraints, I will do it this way because it pleases me."  Should it always be that simple and easy, boys?  I hope so, for your sake.

I've been wanting to post something other than pictures and such.  I am still working on conversations which are hard to sometimes record.  I am glad to show you this, I am glad it is here.  Of the over sixty posts I have done in the past few months, I suspect this is one the ones I will come back to most often.  And cherish most deeply.

From Marci's '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

Me:  "Goodness, when did you get so big...?"
Z:  (matter-of-factly) "Friday."

It was Friday, I was there...

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  1. This is beautiful! You hit the nail on the head when you asked, "Should it always be that simple and easy, boys?"

    I tend to make life so complicated at times. It is when I go to the basic levels of simplicity in my life that I feel most happy, joyful, and free. (And it is usually when I am with my kids! Kids are the best teachers when it comes to living presently and intentionally without restraint!)

    Thank you for investing in the lives of your children and documenting it for us to experience. What a priceless gift you are providing for them and to the world.

    So thankful for our connection!