Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Curators Of Childhood"

Our Museum Of Bookbag Art acquired a couple new pieces last week:

Here is one:

Peebles, Zachary.  Blue Egyption Cat.  2016.  Paper Mache and acrylic paint.  MOBA.

ibid.  Detail back.  MOBA
 Here is the other:

Peebles, Nicholas.  Blue Egyptian Cat. 2016.  Paper Mache and Acrylic paint.  MOBA.
ibid.  Detail back.  MOBA.

Both will be on display in the "Basement Gallery" from now until, well, I don't know...  2030 or so.

An early goal here was to to archive some of the things I've found interesting or amusing or important.  I think I've succeeded.  The boys really wanted these on the blog.  Here ya go, boys.  (The funny thing is I can never bring myself to throw this stuff away, even after I document it, so I put them on a high shelf next to an unplayed dulcimer on top of a bookcase.  I wonder who'll throw them away?)

I wrote a post a while back, Rowing Ducks or Crepe Paper Thumbs, about parades and stories and stuff.  In it I said, "We are the curators of childhood. Whose, I am not sure, I get mine mixed with theirs sometimes. Most times. We tell the story of their parade."

We parents are the curators of childhood, not just the stuff like this, but so much more.  It's an important job.

From Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

"Hey, Dad, why don't you surprise me with a piece of fruit"

 Dude, that pineapple's gonna leave a mark...

That's all for today, see, I didn't keep you too long.  Stop by again on Friday if your walking by.  Peace.


  1. Really cool.
    It's nice they wanted it on the blog. They're clearly proud.

  2. Well done. Good job of preserving. So many things eventually disappear. Maybe this will last longer. I also love the fruit reply. I would have been mine too.