Friday, January 24, 2014

Odds and Odders

So, here's how it all went down.  I wanted to post something today.  I wanted to post some stuff that they boys have done - I've been sort of getting away from that a little.  Actually, I've got a backlog of fodder a foot deep but I wanted to couch this in a positive light.

So, I scan a few things, blunder about as usual with the chip watchagidget from the camera, get it all together to put on the blog, I get ready to light my candle and then I realize...

It's five degrees outside.  It's maybe sixty where I am working in the unfinished basement corner I call my "office."  Well I really never call it that, but...

So, I decide to use a laptop upstairs.  Clever.

Right, so, let's see.  I will load the images onto the blogger page create-a-post, uh, place and then I'll save it and go upstairs.  Okay, now it wants a title.  These are just odds and ends, I don't really know how I am even going to make a cohesive post yet... I'm just cold.

I type in "Odds and Ends" stumbling over whether to capitalize 'and' - as I always do - and then I think again.  These are really sort of odds and odders.

So, now you are caught up.  As an aside, I'd like to tell you that I brought up my candle - new ones, Thanks, Marci - and the cat, Paige, singed her little pink nose out of curiosity.

So, let's play odd or odder.  What is oddest here?

The actual concept of this school project, which seems to be a four panel sort of pyramid thing on which they were to write categorically specific New Years resolutions.  Here is the whole thing - one of the cats nibbled on the point there, yes, the same one who just singed her whiskers - it's, well, three-dimensional:

This is the first panel (note the excellent spelling):

So, now, here is the second panel.  It's a little more, well, difficult to understand.  The copy there on that bottom triangle of the - what the hell are these things even called? - quadrathingee says:  "My to do mor (more) often work with my brother more to make more songes for are (our) band.

I am assuming the category is "to do more often."  You may remember from the post "Memorize This Moment"  that the boys are a songwriting duo, but, I am not sure if I mentioned the band they are in called "Second Place Sluggers."  So that's fairly odd, don't ya think?  Well, it indeed gets odder.  Take a closer look at the artwork above:

(Hold on I have to go downstairs to scan this in a little better detail, I didn't really have a plan today, if you hadn't noticed.)

(Damn, it's cold down here...)

Right, so I am back upstairs and in the warmth and brightness of the living room.  Yes, I know, I shouldn't have left the candle lit.  The cat appears to have a few whiskers left and most of her hair, although I did leave the disassembled quadrathingee dangerously close to the focus candle

We were looking at the boy band above.  Clearly the boys are rockin' their orange hair there on some old-school mics.  But, um, what of the logo above?  It says 2 Place Sluggers, that's pretty hip and that seems to be a slug (because a snail wouldn't make any sense) being crushed under the weight of a plump, suggestive, well, tomato, I think.  Well that makes sense, right?  But, why is there a dismembered leg and shoe - neatly tied -  hanging odiously.  Is it about to kick the happy not-snail?  Odd...

The next panel is his "to improve" quadrathingee quadrant:

That's him, in the "spelling bee" spelling the word 'spelling' which is funny.  Yes, yes he did misspell improve, and, truth be told I just misspelled 'misspell.'

I didn't get all the words when I photographed this but I am not going back into that basement to scan it - the candle might burn the cat, or the house, down:

It says, My somthing not to do eneymore"  Bite my nails.  It's a toxic thing... odd.

Zack made a beautiful calender at school.  I'll show you the months another time.  The cover is odd don't you think:

I am absolutely not sure why that imagery has been chosen.  It is by no means reflective of the theme of the whole thing because that has remained indiscernible even after considerable, uh, consideration.  Really, really, odd.

Here are a few basketball plays Zack figured up for the Nerf basketball team.  The name and affiliation change frequently but they are in the "Basement League."  I think the heart play is cute.

This seems to be a sketch of an area at Hogwarts.  It's good to have a couple of "fun" rooms.  I've no idea where this one came from.  In fact I found it with the page from the playbook underneath the couch...

The arbitrariness of it all is sometimes off-balancing.  For instance, this I pulled out from under a little stand that holds all the art supplies for the boys in the dining room.  It came out suctioned on the end of our trusty Tyson, uh, butt first, as it turned out:

Truly, all I could think to say was:  "Oh, I'm sorry, uh, Je, um, bobol."  I had never seen him before in my life.

Very odd, odder even.

I should sum up but it's so cozy up here...   Note to self, if you take apart a quadrathingee you will never, ever, get it reassembled.  It's a curse thing, I think.

Worst summation ever.

From Marci's  "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat..."

"You win some. You die some."

This post as been dying from the get-go...

Thanks for stopping around today and I'm sorry about not being in my usual place.  It's complicated, and don't mind that burnt hair odor.  It's fine... everything is fine... out, out, damn candle.

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