Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Song Lands Elsewhere

I am woefully ill-prepared for today's assignment. For instance, I'm not sure if there should be an apostrophe in that last sentence. And, I said I'd be brief...

Bloggers abound, good bloggers don't. Me, Myself and Kids, by Larry Bernstein, is a very good blog. His writing is concise and witty, always clever, always poignant and, well, I find myself very moved by his heartfelt prose. He tells stories. I love the story-tellers.


Larry approached me and asked if he could share the song I wrote for Nick and Zack called The Nick and Zack song. Since I am trying to be brief, as you can see from that concise former sentence, I will not wax on about the wave of emotions I felt.  You know - how people are nice, what a nice gesture, hey, he likes me.  How a simple affirmation from him made what I do seem worthwhile, today, and perhaps for my boys in the future.  He made me feel valid and essential.

This is going well...

Listen, we throw stuff up and out of ourselves – we artists and writers and hopers and dreamers and lovers and poets, you, me - hopefully towards others. My song landed on Larry. His words had already landed on me.

I'm glad.

Here is a link to the song post on his beautiful, clean, enviously professional page, Me, Myself and Kids.  I'd look around a while if I were you.  But, uh... well, you'll come back here, right?

Oh... here's a picture of a very odd balloon giraffe and a blue, fuzzy cat-lemur-bat-bear-squirrel, they're indigenous to New Zealand... or Turkey, I mix them up.

Yes, yes I am contractually, and morally, obligated to include an image in every post.

Why are you still here?

Here's why. I wanted to tell you something else.  I didn't realize what going back and remembering that song would do for me.  Like a forgotten photo or the long lost scent of a lonely cabin, hearing that song again, really listening to it, sent my mind afloat in an absolute sea of sweet memories.  For that I am sincerely in Larry's debt - thank you, sir.

Babies, toddlers, boys.

Love, honor, cherish.

Oh, right, brief...

I first introduced the song in this silly post.  If you happen to be new here, it's a good piece to start with.


  1. This is the reason I can't turn away from this group, as I feel like they have become friends. They are there for feedback if you need it sure, but mostly encouragement to keep doing what we are doing which is telling the story of our lives. I am glad Larry got you to refresh on the song because it is amazing!

  2. I just wish I could play the guitar and sing. Love the song.

  3. Love the song Bill. So glad Larry shared it and refreshed it for everyone.