Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nick's Story

Hit play and read along, it's a lot of awesome weirdness.

What makes a kid want to do this?  Hope, I think.  Happiness, yeah.  Imagination, of course.  A sense of safety, yep.

When he reads it, notice the ellipses - he says "dot, dot, dot" -  I might adopt that.  Who knew that ellipses were genetic?

I love this.  I love knowing he does this kind of thing.  I love him dot, dot, dot ...

"He ored like a maneyack" He oared (rowed, I assume) like a maniac.  The misspellings in this are epic, folks, absolutely adorable.  I probably should stop finding his spelling so damn cute and start some spelling intervention.  In our defense, the other kid spells great.

From Marci's "... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ..."

(At a stop sign when there was a break in the cross traffic for us to go.)

Nick:  Mom!  Hit the exhaustion!

Yeah, well, not quite right there, son ...


  1. I've learned living overseas that spelling is habit not rule, some forms favoured over others, mispronounced, assembled cattywampus with an often empty hope that it'll all make sense in an off-key accent.

    Nick's "accent" -- the way he gives this voice -- it's spelled just fine, far as I can tell. And what a gift you've given us, expanding the concept of a blog post at the same time. Genius my friend. Genius.