Monday, November 11, 2013

On Cursive (On Donner, On Blitzen ...)

It is inexplicable the pleasure Nick and Zack seem to get out of writing in cursive.  I couple of years ago, if asked, I would have probably suggested that it was an arcane and unnecessary skill.  I was wrong.  We all must learn to sign our names and to whisper affirmations to ourselves:

We all, at least once in our lives, must write...

... antidisestablishmentarianismists the words above.  In cursive!

And you never know when you might be asked to write a little something about yourself:

Nick is "a funloving and encouraging friend."  "Gosh" is a lucky kid to have him as a pal.  What more could one ask for in a friend?  Zack has a couple of cats and is eight, just the facts, thank you.

You know what?  They didn't spend a lot of time on learning cursive, they enjoyed it a great deal, gained a real sense of pride and ownership in something personal and, now they can sign their names.  Good stuff, I think.

Now, could we learn to type, right, and, perhaps, if it is not asking too much,  LEARN TO SPELL!!

Do you remember learning cursive?  I do, I remember it had to be perfect and we had to do it just so and we worked on it long and hard.  It was around the same time we were supposed to be learning our multiplication tables as well.  Yeah, I still don't know what six times seven is, or eight times six and most of the nines are a mystery to me.  But, I can sign my name, by golly, and, frankly, it's come up a lot more times.

Forty-three?  No forty-eight, right... crap.

Something funny I heard in the backyard and forgot to tell Marci ...

"Wait!  I have to dial in the wind diocity..."

Dammit, Jim.  I canna dial in the wind diocity - it's at nine to the eighth power now and that's, well, that's... a lot.

Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be going all rogue and wild this month, you remember, I should be "going where the wildness led me" and all.  It's funny, one of the things that has me concerned is finding suitable blog fodder around here that won't come back someday and harm them.  In other words, I don't want to seem mean.  Well, I keep finding stuff I want to show you... and, well, you, boys.

Thanks for coming around again, I won't forget your kindness.  See you next time.


  1. I use cursive as italics when I write, and I often wonder whether my child will use it. Here's to hoping so.

  2. We have a cat named Bailey as well. I think it's fitting because it makes me think of Bailey's liqueur and he resembles a dairy cow in girth and coloring.