Thursday, November 7, 2013

Battle Cards and Something Else

Lately I have been speaking on wild things and stories, with a hints of spirituality and sacristy and somber overtones of sadness.  I think what I need is some fruity nuance... yes, some silliness. 

I really don't know what the boys call them, I say "battle cards" and they seem to know what I'm talking about.  There are/have been hundreds over the past few years.  I like them, the first several are Nick's, I am still looking for Zack's actually I don't know whose are whose here, I believe there has been some unauthorized backroom trading.

In absolutely no discernible order:

Vapor - attacks with "Dark Slash"

Silgard - seems to be cursing

Sunflower - dances happily

hip luck - has an electric tail

VENIS - not what it looks like

Crock - dude's got a 90-point "skrach"

Slash - "evolves from slish"

creeper - creepy

Ripper - sings Sinatra on the side

Pip - sings opera, mostly Wagner

Crind - a Dead-head I once knew

These are from a new, larger format, a full sheet of paper:

Jack Hogwarts Widdow - "buckaner"

The requisite math - always show your work

Silver ian Dragoon - a Samari Musketeer

Z's requisite math.

Blue Ninja - just because he's cute.

I would guess there was some sort of meaningful connection I could make between these images and story-telling or wildness, even sadness if you'd give me a minute or two.  I could go on about respecting creativity and fostering it and nurturing it like the tender shoots that ...

Nope, I just want you to see how silly it all can be, or, perhaps, how simple it all once was.

Oh, I almost forgot...

... and a lunch survey:

Enough meat, good.  Brown apples, not so good.

Something I heard a child say and it made me laugh:

"Did you know that Goldilocks lives in Iceland?"

No, I did not, but, that actually explains a lot...

Hey, thanks for stopping by, I mean that.  I have some more stories to tell, but, I guess I didn't know how to tell them today.  You know, a couple of weeks ago I would never have dreamed of adding as many images as I have today, but, right now... I don't seem to care.  I guess this is where the wildness led me.


  1. YES! To the battle cards. I thought these were awesome as a kid, and I think that your kids' are awesome too. And now I want to make some for myself. Maybe I'll wait 'till tomorrow to make some with Addison. But maybe I'll do a few tonight, first. Ah, memories.

  2. Great curation, as usual! I take snaps of my children's art and creations, but I never seem to get around to immortalizing them like this.

  3. That's an awesome set of cards there. Thanks for sharing them.