Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recent Finds

I have recently really forgotten what was one of the prime motivators for me starting this whole hay-wagon (do people say that?).


I still guffaw at some of this stuff, I out-loud-laugh.  Honestly, it's head-shaking, tear-inducing hilarity, in my opinion.  My very first post was inspired by a piece of paper I picked up which read, "No pliars are available."  I knew I didn't write it, Marci doesn't really utilize pliers a lot, so I knew one of the boys had written it.  It struck me as so funny and odd and silly...

Well, whaddya say we get this hay-wagon started?  (They do now.)

Let's start with these two guys.  I know, their cartoon starts on Disney in a few weeks.  It's called "Pinky and Sparrowboy" and you'll just have to wait like all the other kids to find out what their story is.

And then there is this which I believe is a sea creature of the cucumber variety or a winged Christmas ornament:

This is obviously...

...the prototype of this:

Which is clearly a "Mangaloonable."

mangaloonable - \mahn-ja-loon-ə-bəl\ - noun : the inevitable result of forcing pressurized air into a children's graphic novel, never used in parades.  adj : the capacity for spontaneous, silly, yet inexplicable,  pressurization.  His was a mangaloonable  existence.

(It's no way to live.)

You might remember the discussion about alien-dogs I was having with Nick in my previous post.  Well, he and Zack decided that it would be fun to design "space-houses" for them.

That's Nick's there on the left, Zack's is on the right.  Now, mind you, the whole notion of "space-houses" for "alien-dogs" is just about as odd as it gets (well, not really...), but what really strikes me is the similarity of design.  I can only guess there is a universality of need here to which I had hitherto not been hip.  Yep, there's only one way to build an alien-dog house, we all know that.

Finally, there's this song:

That precipitated this impossibly inane conversation.

"Hey, Nick?  What's this?"

"My song, that's what it says at the top."

"Can you sing it for me?"

"I don't know how it goes."

"I see... well, what do the words mean?"

"Whaddya mean?"

"Well, like 'triva,' what's that?"

"A word that rhymes with 'divea,' Dad."

"Oh, right... well, what does 'divea' mean?"

"I'm not sure if it's even a word."

"Right, uh, could you just read the words to me."

Here is what I heard, it sort of had a rap beat to it:

        "It's not extra triva /
         It's just a little diva,/
         That I proposed and I/
         Brought my spirits with me."

"Well, uh, I see... what does that even mean?"

"I do not know.  I like it, though."


"Yeah, so do I."

Oh, I almost forgot, and a stick:

Maybe it's a wand...

From Marci's "...things you don't expect from the backseat..."



Apparently, Marci isn't in today.  So, uh...

I heard Nick call Zack a "chicken-toad" the other night.  I thought it a positively Shakespearean insult.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate it.



  1. Nice, I always enjoy the artwork and critiques.

  2. This is cool.
    Your daughter has some real art skills.
    I like her irreverancy in the conversation.

  3. It's definitely a wand. The kind of wand a chicken toad magician wields.

  4. You take scratches of drawings and turn them into beautiful paintings of words. Well done!