Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mixed Messages (or Postis Interruptus)

What I'd like to be doing is writing this post.  What I am doing is watching the boys as they jump on a giant pile of pillows, beanbags and cushions from all the basement furnishings.  It's sort of violent and very physical and, sometimes, that is what brothers need.  It is also dangerous and foolhardy of me to assume they won't get hurt.  They will...

I wanted to show you a couple things from the book-bags today but I really don't know if I'll have the time before I have to run to the ER.

I'll try.  I found this in Nick's bag the day he had to go to school and Zack didn't:

("Hold on, hold on!  Daddy, am I bleeding here on the side of my face?")

I like the poster Nick made.  It says: 

("Arghhh, my foot!  I am going to wing some more stuff at you.  Hiiiiiyaaaaa!")

I love...  My cats Baily and paige beacuse (because, so close) thay are 1 year old thay need atenchin (attention).  I allso love...  My famley beacuse thay are so nice.  Today I am going to my nana and papas house.  Esept for zack I don't like him.

("Practical joke number thirty-one and your going down.")

Nick told me he was really irritated when he went to school and Z didn't and his teacher kept asking him to do stuff to bring home to his brother.

("Are you sure my face isn't bleeding, Dad?  I hit it up against that sticky stuff, what's it called, Velmo?")

("What in the world is Velmo?")

Zack made this at school last week:

It seems to be a Winged-Mayan-Thundergod who owns an oversized or out of perspective monster car.  His minions seem to be attacking a Colonial Williamsburg home.  The sun is falling from the sky.

("Hey, Dad, how'd you get that alien picture I drew on the computer?  NICK!  Stop hurling pillows at me!")

It seems to be an alien.  Named Gressery.

(Thunk...  "Good God, Nick, are you alright?  Don't break the concrete floor with your head.")

("I'm alright, Dad, my head is harder than it looks.  I think I did see stars though, that's my first time for that.")

I can't seem to remember my point here...  Oh, I remember.  It's funny how you can think one thing about something a kid has done and be so thoroughly, profoundly, wrong.  Nick's note seem like such a sweet little Valentine's note...

("Velcro, that's it, not Velmo, Velcro.")

("Well, that makes more sense.")

... and then he zings his brother.  And I was way off on what I thought Zack's picture was.  Just goes to show how easy it is to misunderstand, misinterpret, mispronounce - it's "greasery" - or flat out mistake one thing for another.

("You spin with that big couch pillow that way, and I'll go the counterway, and then we'll get closer and closer until we wap each other.")

Well,  I gotta go.  I do not see this ending well here at all...  somebody's gonna get scratched by that Velmo.

Is "counterway" a word?  It should be.

From Marci's  "...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat in the middle of an epic pillow/cushion battle..."

"I am adding pain to your list of things to do today."
(7yr old smack talk)


"When I get out of a world of pain, you will be in big trouble."


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  1. I am reminded of when I was painting the garage with Youngest a few years back. He went in to get a drink and started playing with his brother.

    I heard a scream... saw some blood... stuck him in the car and headed to the doctor. The bleeding had stopped but there was this yellowish gritty stuff in his hair, on his face, etc.

    Velmo would have been a great word for it...

    Anyways, turned out it was ear cartilage.

    Raising boys is always fun, No?