Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Acion Verbs"

I thought I would try something a little different (you might have to full-screen this to read it, it's my first attempt so bear with me):

I put it on YouTube and the clarity is better:

This came home just yesterday, Z told me he worked very hard on it.  He's proud of it.  I am proud of him as well.  But, mostly, I am proud of my wife and I.  We helped him become who he is.  So often as parents we second-guess and double-doubt and fret and over-think every move we make, but, sometimes, we get an affirmation like this that swells our pride and moistens our cheeks.

Thanks, Zacky.

From Marci's  "...things you don't expect to hear form the backseat...

*shaking his head*

N: "I have so much to learn."

So do I buddy, so... do... I...

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  1. This is a wonderful program for Zack to have later in life. I hope the media forms don't chance in the meantime