Tuesday, August 7, 2012


There was a protracted, convoluted argument in the car about who was who's sidekick between these two guys:


Originally, yellow-blockhead-monkey-face-dude had my vote as the main guy, I mean he is rocket-propelled.  But, crazy-eyes-lightning-hat-dude has sort of a more in charge sort of look to him.

From Marci's '... things you don't expect to hear from the backseat ...'
Nick:  "Is this real life?"

The honest truth here is that, although afterward he said he was 'just kiddin' around,' he meant it as a real question, probably the deepest question we all have to ask ourselves at some point in life.

I am still not sure how to answer...


  1. I ask myself the same question at least 10 times a day!

  2. If it's not real life, then I ought to play a more glamorous part in my made for TV movie... perhaps I could get a make up girl. Or a personal trainer. Or a donut boy!

    Who wouldn't love a donut boy?