Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Genesis Project

Z just doesn't seem to get the paper and markers/pencils/crayons (he's more of a quirky Lego or inaerodynamic-plane-folding kinda kid) out as often as N so, consequentially, he is not represented as much around here.  He was working very hard on this the other day and I was quick to scan it:

As you can see it is his concept for a new Genesis; Earth from Sun, Moon from, uh, well, Saturn, asteroid from thin space...  Arrgh, I thought I had it.

Perhaps it is food, maybe a dradle and cog representation of the struggle between ancient and modern Deities, microbiological slides?  No, it's clearly planetary in origin.  I think the theoretical math is shown on this post.  Honestly, I really have no idea what's going on here and neither does he.  He said something like:  "It's from space, Dad."  (Dad = idiot in this particular equation.)  Oh, well, there you have it.

So, I was right about not being able to find the time to knock out some posts here, as if it were that easy.  It is a personal pet peeve of mine when people don't seem to consider how much time an artist (writer, blogger, musician, painter, actor, whatever) must put in to produce the work he/she creates.  My best and most popular posts, the ones there directly to the right, are the ones which have taken me the most time.  Yes I find a few minutes here and there to write something, but, nothing of lasting value.

But I have been collecting scraps and snippets, thoughts and things, all to share with you in the fall.  I hope you will wait.

From Marci's Bill's  '...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat yard...'

Z (talking about the Summer Games):  "I really like the sand volleyball, Dad."

N:  "Which one?"

Z:  "The girls."

Yeah, it's that obvious even to a seven-year-old.  Put some freakin' clothes on, it's a family show...

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  1. I am also struggling to find the time right now. The summer's almost over and I feel like we need to fit it all in...

    ....and the volleyball... I am right there with ya. But I must say at one point the US team had full cat suits on which I kind of thought looked good.