Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Earth Day Post

I have never had nor been to an Earth Day party.  I really don't understand the "holiday."

Six-year-olds get it though:

Let me briefly explain the process; in the Fall dig a hole trench, deep and true, in the baked earth of southwestern Ohio, wait until Spring and let the rain fill it up, and then, this is the fun part, add to the deep, mud puddle all sorts of organic material from the yard; weeds, mulch, pine cones, Ivy leaves (non-poisonous), anything flowering is good for color, pine needles are an excellent thickener, and, stir, preferably by hand.  This odoriferous bracken is called "Pig Stew."  There is, sadly, no pork in it.

The boys know about Earth Day, it's sort of on the "safe list" of holidays in public schools, but, this all happened the Fall and Spring before they were indoctrinated.

I think we humans can't help celebrate the earth, we just need to let the little boys lead us.

From Marci's ...things you don't expect to hear from the backseat...'

 (amidst giggling and laughter)
 "Oh, Nicky," (sigh)  "I love you."
"Well, Zacky, I love you, too."
(our work here is done.)

I love that they have nicknames for each other...

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