Friday, April 27, 2012

Boy Party

Recently, I have been getting away from my original intent with this blog.  That's fine, I just don't particularly want it to be just about how I see parenting and the like.  On the other hand, when I think of this whole thing as a sort of archive for my sons as they get older, I feel perfectly validated in throwing out some thoughts about being a parent.

That being said lets see what I've got... ooh, this is good:

This is Z's planner for the month of March.  Mind you he did a lot more than this but, he got some good things down, like Dabby's (that's me, see "Dabby Peedles" for more on that) birthday and Mommy's right after.  The first day of Spring is dutifully noted as is "St. Patric's Day," both safe public school Celebration Days, not Holidays, although St. Paddy's leans a little Green (and I don't mean save-the-planet green), if you get my drift.

I see there that the "Boy Party" was moved from Tuesday to Monday, or was an overnight party planned.  The last week there is Spring Break and, God love him, he is planning to go to the "fish fri" on Friday, what a nice boy.

They did have that above-mentioned Boy Party for their birthday, just them and four other boys and it went very well.  It was their first party, sort-of, here, with just their friends.  They liked showing their stuff to their friends, showing off the back yard, making pizza with their pals, and, in general just being boys.

I like boy parties.  Boys are like that.  We like to stand around and talk with our buddies, just us, no girls, no strangers, just us and our posse, it was true when I was a kid and it is shall always be true.  I, personally, have spent endless hours leaning against a truck or watching a fire or playing Euchre or guitar with my friends and, frankly, I miss that.

Maybe I should get a Boy Party on my calender.  Soon.

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  1. I send Tony on a boy party every Thursday night. And anytime his best friend from high school calls. Boy parties are important.

    That, and I know I can score some girl time anytime I want as long as I continue to encourage the boy time. :)